As an institution, I want the ability to input Donor information in order to associate them to a scholarship and provide contact information to the scholarship recipients in order to thank them.


A Donor can be added when building a Scholarship to address who the Thank You Letters will be sent out to.

Creating a Donor

Plan-> Donors


  • Click on [Plan] link in the Menu bar on the left of the home screen;
  • Find the [Donors] tile in the panel view

  • Click on the [Donors] tile and open up the Donors section;
  • Click the link in the top right corner, [Add+], to add a new Donor

  • When adding a Donor, there are three fields that are required to save: Name, Description, Email.  Below is a brief description of each field.
    • Name: Donor's name
    • Description: Add information about the Donor and their associations
    • Is Active: Does the institution want this Donor to be associated with any running or future scholarships? If yes, set to active
    • Alumni: For internal use only
    • Public: For internal use only
    • Internal ID: For internal use only
    • Internal Note: For internal use only
    • Address: Donor address information
    • Email: Donor Contact email
    • Website: The URL associated with the Donor or the Donor's association
  • Click [Save] to add the Donor

Editing a Donor

  • If Donor information needs to be updated, the user can click the edit iconto pull up the Donor builder screen.  All fields are editable.
  • Click [Save] to update the record.

Inactive Donors

  • On the Donor builder screen the user can choose to adjust the Donor's status to Active or Inactive.  If the selection is Yes, upon saving the user will see the Donor record under the Active tab.  If the selection is No, the user will see the Donor record under the Inactive tab.  
    • If the user wishes to change the status, they can use the edit icon and move the button to the desired selection.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

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