Donor entities are used to associate scholarships with a donor(s). This enables reporting, thank you letters and if desired allows for creating users from the donor who can access donor data via a donor portal. 


A Donor can be added when building a Scholarship to address who the Thank You Letters will be sent out to.

Creating a Donor

Plan> Donors


  • Click on the [Donors] tile and open up the Donors section;

  • Click [Add+] to add a new Donor

  • When adding a Donor, there are three fields that are required to save: Name, Description, Email.  Below is a brief description of each field.
    • Name: Donor's name
    • Description: Add information about the Donor and their associations
    • Is Active: Does the institution want this Donor to be associated with any running or future scholarships? If yes, set to active
    • Alumni: For internal use only
    • Public: Controls whether the description is shown to students in scholarship details. 
    • Internal ID: For internal use only. Intended for a donor id from your donor management system. 
    • Internal Note: Option note related to the donor. Not visible outside of this screen. 
    • Address: Donor address information
    • Email: Primary contact email
    • Website: The URL associated with the Donor or the Donor's association
  • Click [Save] to add the Donor

Adding/Managing Donor Users (Optional)

The following steps allow for adding users to the Donor for access to a donor portal. 

  • Click [Donor Users] tab.

  • Click [Invite+] button to invite a new user. 

  • Enter first name
  • Enter last name
  • Enter email address
  • Enter a relationship to the Donor (Optional)
  • Select a role for the user:
    • Admin - Ability to modify the description of the donor record and future management functionality (TBD)
    • Viewer - Ability to view scholarship data and approved thank you letters


  • Click [Confirm] button to save record and initiate the invite.

Note: a user can be linked to multiple donors. If a user already has an account the invitation will allow them to link their profiles and toggle their portal between donors. 

Donor users can be deactivated using the trash can icon. This will remove their portal access for the specified donor. 

When necessary the invite can be resent to users by clicking the recycle icon to regenerate an invite. 

Add Institution User to Donor

Institutional users are foundation or advancement users assigned to manage and support donors. Only users with the Donor Manager role can be assigned. The primary institutional user's email and contact information will be shared with donor users in the donor portal. 

  • Click on the [Institutional Users] tab.  

  • Click [Assign+] button to add an institutional user .


  • Select a user from drop down. Drop down list will contain only active users with the Donor Manager Role.
  • Optionally add a relationship to the donor.
  • Select whether this user is the primary contact for the donor. This will determine the name and email address shown to the donor users under a Contact Us section for support. 
  • Click [Confirm].

Troubleshooting and FAQs

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