As an institution, I want to be able to roll a scholarship over to the following year.  This section is designed to streamline the scholarship rollover process.  The user can choose to rollover scholarships individually or in one bulk action.  The School Administrator, Scholarship Manager, Award Manager, and Review Manager will have access to rollover scholarships. 


In order to rollover a scholarship, all of the prerequisites to create a Scholarship need to be in place.  Also, the Scholarship needs to be in a Completed status in order for it to populate in this section.  


Plan > Rollovers

  • Click on Plan link in the Menu bar on the left of the home screen;
  • Find the Rollovers tile in the panel view;
  • Click on the Rollovers tile and open up the Rollovers section;

Rollover Summary

  • When entering the Rollovers section the user will see a list of Completed scholarships in queue to be rolled over.
    • Users will be able to see Scholarships within their Organization/Department permissions.
  • Above the list is a filter where the user can filter the scholarships by their Cycle.  
  • The user has an option to edit a scholarship before rolling it over by clicking the edit icon.
    • This link will bring the user to the Scholarship builder screen.
    • In the Scholarship builder section, the user has an option to perform a manual rollover.

Rollover Scholarship(s)

  • Once the user has checkedthe Scholarships that they wish to rollover, they can click the Rollover button.
  • The system will then populate a modal with selected fields to complete in order to rollover the Scholarship.
    • Cycle: The user will need to select a Cycle (Current or Future) to the new version of the Scholarship(s).
    • Award Year: The user will need to select an Award Year to link the new version of the Scholarship(s) too.  
    • Term(s): The user will need to select a new Term to replace the older Term.  
      • Note: If multiple scholarships are being rolled over, there may be different Terms affiliated with each scholarship.  To handle this, the system will include all terms linked to the Scholarships in the modal and require the user to assign a new Term to each Term listed.  Once rolled over, each Scholarship will adopt the replaced Term(s) only and not the additional Terms listed in the modal.
    • Application: By default, the system will choose the newest version of the existing Application tied to each Scholarship selected to rollover.  The user will see all open Applications in the drop down to choose from.
    • Check-Back Date:  The user will have the option to select a date to add to the Scholarship(s) to help them keep track of future rollover dates.
  • The user has an option to Rollover the Scholarship(s) to a Draft status or Publish status.
    • Rollover Draft: If any of the selected Scholarships support Renewals, the Award Year and Terms will need to be completed in order to Rollover to a Draft status.  Otherwise, no fields need to be completed from the modal to create a Draft Scholarship.  
    • Rollover Publish: The user has an option to push the scholarship straight to a Published status.  In order for a Rollover to be immediately Published, all fields except the Check-Back Date needs to be completed.  

Troubleshooting and FAQs

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