The manage committees screen is used to create and manage review committees for scholarship application review and scoring. The institution has the ability to add multiple committees based on the application being reviewed. Review Manager and Admin users have the ability to create and manage committees.


List of Members must be added to ScholarshipUniverse prior to creating committees, to ensure that members are available to add to committee. 

User must be a member of the organization and department to select these options when creating or editing a committee.

  • To review how to add a member to an organization please review Organizations

Manage Committee Overview

Review > Manage Committees


  • Click on Review link in the Menu bar on the left of the home screen
  • Find the Manage Committees tile in the panel view 

  • Click on Manage Committees tile to open the manage committees screen


In the upper right of the manage committes screen there are three options:

  • Add+ - Allows user to add a committee manually
  • Import Committees - Allows the user to add or edit a committee by importing a file
  • Import Members - Allows the user to add or edit members to an existing committee by importing a file

Please Note: This article only describes how to add+, edit, deactivate committees manually. Please see the solution articles for Import Committees and Import Members, for more information on these options.

The manage committees screen has options to view active committees or inactive committees. These options are located below the screen name Manage Committees  in the upper left of the screen.

Below the three buttons for Add+, Import Committees, and Import Members buttons there is a search box and filter option.

  • The search box allows a user to search for committees, this may be used for institutions with a large number of committees
  • The filter  allows the user to filter the committees displayed based on criteria chosen

The committees grid may be sorted by Committee Name, Organization, Department, or # of Members, by selecting the column header.

Creating a Committee

  • Click on Add+, to add a committee


  • Enter committee name 
  • Enter description of committee 
  • Select organization from drop down
    • User must be member of organization(s) to see options in drop down
    • Once organization is selected, if organization has departments additional drop down appears for department
  • Select department from drop down (option only appears when organization has departments)
    • User must be a member of the department(s) to see options in drop down
  • Select Members from drop down
    • Available members are based on users in ScholarshipUniverse with role of reviewer, review manager or admin
    • Once added as a member to the committee, user is removed from member drop down
    • Once added as a member, the user may be removed from the active committee members by selecting the , this moves the member to inactive.
  • Click Save  once information has been filled out in the Add Committee screen


Editing Committees

After a committee has been added, users may edit or deactivate the committee.

  • To edit the committee, select the edit button

  • The user may edit the information for the committee by updating the text fields or changing their options in the drop downs
  • Additional members may be added to the committee by selecting them from the drop down or by using the import members button on the manage committees page
  • Existing committee members may also be deactivated or activated by following the directions below

Deactivating and Activating Committee Members

Once a member has been added to a committee, they may only be deactivated, they may not be removed or deleted.

  • Select in the Manage Committees screen if the user is not already in the Edit Committee screen

  • In the member grid at the bottom of the edit committee screen, the user may filter by member status (Active, Inactive, All)
    • Default view is active members
  • Active members are indicated with a
  • Inactive members are indicated with a
  • To deactivate a member select the
    • Deactivated committee members are not included in any future allocations
    • Deactivated committee members may view historical allocations they were assigned to prior to being deactivated
  • To activate a member select the
  •  Click Save once all changes have been made to the committee

Deactivating Committee

It may be necessary to deactivate a committee if it is no longer being used to review scholarship applications.

  • In the Manage Committees screen select the  for the committee that should be deactivated

  • Once the committee has been deactivated, it is moved to the inactive tab on the manage committees screen
    • Deactivated committees are not displayed for associating to a scholarship for review
  • If it is necessary to reactivate a committee, select the Inactive tab in the upper left of the screen below the page title Manage Committees

  • Select the  to reactivate the committee. Once reactivated, the committee moves back to the active tab

Troubleshooting and FAQs

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