Release Notes

Minor fix to address question requirements and the release of the thank you process and lead summary page.


  • [SU-407] - Address Question Requirements Allowing Selection of "Select Item"
    • Fixed issue that allowed users to select "Select Item" for address questions, causing any prior selections to be cleared.


  • [SU-397] - Thank You Template Builder
    • Schools can now design a thank you template to assist students in completing a thank you letter. The process involves creating a html template that will generate the students answers into a letter form. The template can also be broken into sections to walk students through the process step by step.
  • [SU-395] - Thank You Wizard
    • Students can walk through the thank you process when required for a scholarship that was awarded. The student will walk through the template designed by the school and result in a html letter prepared to send to a donor.
  • [SU-396] - Thank You Approval Management
    • Schools can review and take action on submitted thank you letters that are required for a scholarship and required to go through the approval process. Schools may take action such as editing the thank you (i.e. touch ups for grammatical or spelling errors), approve, reject back to the student, and print to manually send to a donor. 
  • [SU-414] - Scholarship Applicants Tab
    • Scholarships contain an Applicants tab to review each applicant's submission. This also allows the ability to filter out any students from moving onto the review process, in cases such as student is no longer enrolled at the school.
  • [SU-409] - Lead Summary Page
    • The Lead Summary page is released for the CampusLogic Scholarship Research Team to review all potential scholarship leads.