The documents tile in set up allows the school admin to upload documents  for use in ScholarshipUniverse. Only the school admin user has access to add documents.



Settings > Documents

  • Click on Settings on the left of the screen
  • Click on Documents tile


  • Clicking the Documents tile opens the Documents screen. 
  • The screen has two views, active and inactive. Default view is active. 
  • The documents that have been added previously display in a grid with the following columns:
    • Document Name
    • Organization
    • Department
    • Original File Name
    • Created Date
    • Edit (Allows the admin user to edit existing documents)
    • Deactivated (Allows the admin user to make a document inactive)
  • Clicking on the column headers sorts the column.
  • The school admin has the ability to add documents into ScholarshipUniverse by clicking the Add+ button.



Adding Documents


To add documents into ScholarshipUnivers, the school admin user clicks the Add+ button.

  • In the Add Document modal, the school user must complete:
    • Document Name
    • Upload Document File
    • Organization and Department(available after Organization is selected from drop down) are optional
  • After all required information has been completed, click Save to add document. 
    • Clicking Cancel returns user to documents screen without adding document

Editing Documents


The admin user may edit existing documents by selecting the  button.

  • Document Name may be edited by typing in the text box
  • Organization may be edited by choosing an organization from the drop down
  • Department may be edited by choose a department from the drop down
  • Clicking Save, keeps the changes made to the document
  • Clicking Cancel, discards the changes and returns the user to the documents screen

Deactivating/Reactivating Documents

The school admin user may need to deactivate or reactivate a document in ScholarshipUniverse.

  • Clicking the  button, deactivates the document and moves it to the inactive documents screen.

  • Clicking the  button, reactivates the document and moves it to the active document screen
  • The school user may also edit an inactive document by selecting the  button to open the edit document modal

Troubleshooting and FAQs

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