This guide gives an overall view of each role.

ScholarshipUniverse Roles

  • School Admin - This role has full access to all functionality. Typically assigned to a Director of Financial Aid/Scholarships
  • Scholarship Manager - This role manages cycles, scholarships, applications.
  • Scholarship Viewer - This role has access to view all scholarships, but unable to make any edits to them.
  • Question Manager - This role is given permission to manage the questions on the Question Personalization page, including the ability to edit/create new questions
  • Donor Manager - This role manages donors tied to scholarships.
  • Review Manager - This role manages committees and review pools.
  • Candidate Manager - this role is given permission to view-only access to the scholarship builder page, except that they can fully interact on the Candidates tab to help manage the candidates preparing for review (for scholarships with applications) or run auto-match (for direct award scholarships).
  • Reviewer - This role is given to committee members in order to review and score applications.
  • Award Manager - This role manages awarding scholarships and notifications.
  • Award Distributor - This role manages awarding scholarships to candidates.
  • Award Approver - This role is support role to add approvals to awards before being queued for notification.
  • Award Authenticator - This role is available to allow users to approve their own award
    • Note: This is not a stand alone role. This is an additional right to add to a user.
  • Award Notifier - This role manages sending notifications to students, both for students that requires additional actions (such as acceptance and writing thank yous) and for applicants who were not awarded.
  • Thank You Coordinator - This role manages the approval process of thank you's required for scholarship awarding.
  • Award Post Manager - This role manages posting notified awards to the SIS system.
  • Help Desk - This role is given to help desk users who will have access to view student profiles, but unable to make edits to them.
  • Counselor/Advisor - This role is given to users who will have access to view and edit student profiles.
  • Fund Manager - This role is a support role to exclusively manage the Scholarship (Fund) Codes.
  • External ScholarshipUniverse School User - This role is a support role for users in an external-only environment to allow them to view the student profile and see the application volume for external scholarships.

Attached is an excel with a breakdown of which roles have which permissions. "A" means they have full access, compared to those indicated as View Only.