The Employee Management page contains an import feature to allow you to manage user accounts in quick, bulk actions.

Please note that a Platform Administrator is the only role allowing visibility and accessibility to Employee Management.

The import feature allows you take the following actions on accounts:

  • Add New Accounts or Edit Existing Account Profile Information (Action Type = AU)
    • If the username does not already exists, this action type will create a new account. If username exists, this action type will update the account profile information (first name, last name, display name, email, phone number). This is also used to add a new role to the user account.
  • Disable User Account (Action Type = DU)
    • Deactivates an existing user account, leaving that user unable to access any CampusLogic applications even if they still have application roles assigned to them.
  • Enable (Reactivate) User Account (Action Type = EU)
    • Reactivate an existing user account, restoring ability to access any CampusLogic applications the account has roles assigned to.
  • Remove Application Role (Action Type = RR)
    • Remove an assigned role from an existing user account.
  • Remove (Disable) Application (Action Type = RA)
    • Disables an application for an existing user account by removing all roles assigned for that application.

User Import File Specifications

The bulk user import process uses a CSV file with the following fields and requirements:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Username - used to identify existing user accounts to make edits or create a new user account
    • Please note that you cannot change a username for any existing users through the bulk process; you must update the 
  • Display Name - optional field; if a display name is not given at account creation, display name is created using the First Name and Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone - format number without any dashes or spaces (i.e. 555667777)
  • Application- most actions require an application to apply edits to and must be one of the following applications
    • StudentForms
    • CampusCommunicator
    • CampusMetrics
    • ScholarshipUniverse
  • Role- most actions require a role to apply edits; you must ensure that the role is associated to the correct application. Please see the related articles below to learn more about the roles for each application.
  • Action Type- uses a short code (all caps) to indicate the action to be taken
    • AU = adding a new account, editing profile information for an existing account, adding a new role to an existing account
    • DU = disable user account
    • EU = enable user account
    • RR = remove application role
    • RA = remove application (all roles for application)

Please note the following requirements for the import file:

  • The user import file requires the headers given above for any situation, in the same format and in the order listed
  • You can use multiple rows for the same user to make multiple edits, but you cannot add/remove a role(s) for multiple applications within the same row (i.e. adding an Admin role for both CampusCommunicator and Campus Metrics); instead, you must have a separate row to edit for one application and another row for the other application
  • You can add/remove multiple roles for the same application within the same row - you must use a pipe deliminator ( | ) to separate the roles (i.e. "Admin | Viewer")
  • In the case of Removing Application (Action Type = RA) you can remove multiple applications within the same row using a pipe deliminator ( | ) to separate the applications (i.e. "CampusCommunicator | Campus Metrics")
  • The following action types require the following fields:

Using the Import Feature

This section will walk you through the import process. The import feature will validate your file and alert you to any errors before you decide to commit to the changes.

  • In the Employee Management page, click on the Import button.
  • The Employee Import modal will appear, where you must select a CSV file to import.
  • After selecting a file, the import process will begin validating the file before taking action. The results of the validation will appear within the modal:
    • Number of records to be added (New Accounts)
    • Number of records to be updated (for both profile edits and/or new roles added)
    • Number of records with error
      • if errors are found, a list will be generated to quickly identify the issue and what row it is found in the import file

  • If you wish to export a CSV file of the records with errors, click on Export Errored Results
  • If you have no errors and you are ready to commit the changes, click Submit. If you have errors, you can still Submit to commit all records ready to add or update, but errors won't be included in the commit.

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