Rounds can be used within a Review Pool to manage a multiple step review process. Each successive round can have distinct settings for committee assignment, deadline, review method etc. Multiple rounds could  be considered for scholarships where a large applicant pool is "pre-screened", performance based scholarships with a review of a performance or piece of work in addition to the application, or a final interview process. 

The first round is created automatically when a review pool is established. Subsequent rounds can be added when the previous is completed. Previously completed rounds will be found under the Ready to Award tab in the Manage Pools screen. 



Review>Manage Pools>Ready to Award


  • Navigate to the Ready to Award tab. Rounds on this tab have all completed reviews and are ready to either create a new round or move to awarding. 


  • Click on the pencil icon next to a review pool to open it for editing. 


                   The pool name and the application and the selected scholarships cannot be changed from a previous round. 


  • Click on the New Round button to enter settings for the next review round.  An applicant selector screen will open to allow you to manage which applicants will be carried into the next round. 


Note: The applicant list contains only the applicants from the immediately previous round. For example if the first round had 100 applicants and 50 were selected for round two. The 50 applicants from round 2 will be available for selection to start a round 3. 

Note: By default the screen automatically selects applicants in the top half of the score range using the median score. However, you can adjust the number selected to be a greater or lesser amount. 


  • Enter a new cut score or pull the slider to adjust the cut score. 

Note: The applicant Count table to the right will provide the number of applicants by scholarship that will be rolled into the next round and the percentage of pool selected. 

  • Click  Save to roll out applicants and return to the round settings. 

  • Update the settings for the round including:
    • Deadline
    • Committee
    • Scoring Method 
    • Allocation Method 
    • Profile Visibility 
    • Display Average Committee Score
    • Instructions to the review
  • These settings will default from the previous round but can all be updated for the needs of the current round. For additional details see the article [insert].

  • Click Start Review to initiate the review process and send a communication to the reviewers. 

Note: A round can be cancelled up to the point of being moved to awarding. Click the Cancel Round button to cancel and revert back to the previous round. Please note that cancelling the round will also remove any review scores already entered. The round will revert back to the previous. A new round with new settings can then be created to correct mistakes or the round can be moved to awarding. 

Note: Review Scores in Awarding and SmartRank are based on the averages of reviews for the final round of review. 

Troubleshooting and FAQs