Institutions may require a Thank You Letter from a student to a donor(s) as a requirement for receiving an award. When a student is notified of the award a task and communication is sent to them with the deadline for the thank you to be completed in the system. Predefined templates are used to guide the student through the process and produce a consistent and professional thank you that can be sent to the donor electronically or printed and mailed. A universal template can be used or templates can be defined down to the fund level. Users with one or more of the following roles can create and edit templates: School Administrator, Scholarship Manager, and Award Manager. 



The Thank You Templates do not have any prerequisites but they can be tied to specific Scholarships and Organizations/Departments.

Thank You Template

Plan > Thank You Templates

  • Click on Plan link in the Menu bar on the left of the home screen
  • Find the Thank You Templates tile in the panel view
  • Click on the Thank You Templates tile and open up the Thank You Template section

Thank You Template Status

  • Upon opening the Thank You Template, the user will notice 3 different tabs that house Thank You Templates holding different statuses.
    • Open- Templates that can be added to Scholarships if a Thank You letter is required
    • Draft- Templates that are still in construction or waiting to be approved
    • Discontinued-Templates that have been removed from circulation and cannot be added to a scholarship
      • Note: Templates cannot be deleted unless they are in a Draft status

Creating a Thank You Template

  • Click the Add+ link to open the Template Builder

General Information

  • When adding a new template, the user will land on the General Information screen where they will be asked to provide a unique Name and have an opportunity to link this template to an Organization/Department.
  • The Layout section gives the institution an opportunity to create a unique style for the template.
  • On the right hand side of the page the user will see a box labeled "Scholarship Universe Fields" and "Client fields". The process here involves clicking on a specific value, Ex. Scholarship Name, which will populate into the layout field and the user can place it where ever they want on the screen.  The 
    • Scholarship Universe Fields- These are provided general fields that the institution can use to start building their template.  These are <tags> that will substitution the student's or institutions information.
      • Student First Name: This tag displays the student's first name in the template.
      • Student Last Name: This tag displays the student's last name in the template.
      • Student Profile Picture: This tag displays the student's profile picture.
      • Award Year: This tag displays the award year.
      • Scholarship Name: This tag displays scholarship name
      • Donor Name: This tag displays the donor's name.
      • Award Amount: This tag displays the amount the student was awarded.
      • Award Date: This tag displays the date that the student was awarded.
      • Client Name: This tag displays the school name.
      • Sections Body: This tag displays the sections that are created in the Sections tab.  This is where the student's letter will be displayed
    • Client Fields: These are school specific fields that are brought in from the institution.  These could include:
      • SIS data
      • Academic Information
  • The Insert Image button gives the user the opportunity to add an image that has been uploaded in the Documents panel.
    • When considering adding a banner header or footer to the template, if the school anticipates that the student will be viewing these letters on a desktop device, the recommended image size is 1024 X 256.
  • The HTML Editor button gives the user the option to toggle between a Rich Text format or an HTML format when creating this template.
    • HTML Editor will require specific HTML formatting and tags to create the look and style of the template.
    • Rich Text Editor provides a task bar to help with formatting and creating the look and style of the template.


Sections are the steps of the body of the thank you that the student is guided through. The Section Body tag will be populated with the information collected in these steps. 

  • After setting up the layout and General Information to be placed in the template the user will be required to complete the Sections portion of the Template.
  • There are two parts to this page: Sections and Entries
    • Sections give the institution an opportunity to break down the Thank you letter into distinct writing segments.
    • Entries create the text fields for the students to complete their portion of the letter.
  •  When building a Section, the institution can:
    • Break the letter down into multiple sections.
    • Provide Instructions to the student to help them complete each section of the letter.
    • Choose whether or not to Display the Section Names to the Donor (Instructions will only be seen by the student).

  • When adding an Entry, the institution can:
    • Add multiple Entries within a Section.
    • Choose whether or not to Display the Entry Names to the Donor (Instructions will only be seen by the student).
    • Determine the Minimum/Maximum character length within each Entry to ensure that the entry is long enough or not too long.
    • Put validation on the Entry to ensure that it is completed within the specifications.  Is Required = Yes, will inhibit the student from completing the section until the Entry is completed


  • This tab gives the user the opportunity to Preview the Thank You letter from the Donor perspective.  This view will show the layout that was set up in the General Information section, the exposed Section and Entry names as the user requested, and show "Student Answer" as a place holder to indicate where the student's work will be displayed.

Viewing a Thank You Template

  • The user can choose to view a template from the Thank You Template summary page by clicking the view icon.
  • This screen will show the user how the Template would look from the Donor's view.

Editing a Thank You Template

  • The user can edit a template in any status (Open, Draft, Discontinued) by selecting the edit icon.
  • Selecting this icon will bring the user back to the Template builder where they can make and save updates.

Discontinuing a Thank You Template

  • The user can Discontinue a template that is in an Open status by clicking the Discontinue icon.
  • Discontinued templates will remove their ability to be seen when building a scholarship that requires a Thank You letter.
  • Discontinued templates can be reopened by selecting the Restore icon.