Release Notes

Release of scholarship renewal functionality, committee import, clean up items, and minor bug fixes.


  • [SU-426] - Committees Import
    • Committees can now be created using a bulk import process, found on the Review > Manage Committees page. For more information, please review this solution article: Import Committees
  • [SU-453] - Student Side Cleanup
    • Minor updates to the student side UI, including hiding unavailable options, ensuring Apply button is available in scholarship view, and sorting scholarships by internal (school) scholarships listed first.
  • [SU-429] - Scholarship Renewals
    • Release of functionality revolving around renewable scholarships. If a scholarship is flagged as a renewable scholarship and has been rolled over at least one time, the Renewable tab is now available when editing the scholarship. This tab contains the information of all students who have been awarded for previous iterations of the scholarship, displaying the total amount awarded, the project amount to award, and the renewal instance (2nd award, 3rd award, etc). This page also allows management to disable student from being awarded any further for the scholarship. Students in the renewal process will automatically be auto-nominated for awarding when scholarship is ready to award.
  • [SU-438] - Thank You Cleanup
    • Minor updates to both the student side UI and the management and approval process for the school. The student side has small clean up items while the school side has updates to donor management, the approval process and a history link to review each step of the process, including rejections along with comments.
  • [SU-437] - Lead Decision Cleanup
    • Minor updates to the lead management pages used by the CampusLogic Scholarship Research Team.


  • [SU-445] - Deadlocking In Application Review Screen
    • Fixed minor issue where entering a value in a scorecard during the review process and attempting to move onto the next review without saving would generate an error.
  • [SU-448] - Deactivating Committee Deleting Members
    • Fixed issue where deactivating a committee would remove all members from the committee. This fixed ensures all members are retained when a committee is inactive, and reactivating the committee itself holds each member in the correct status (Active/Inactive).