Renewable scholarships are scholarships where the student is awarded for multiple periods but future periods are contingent on maintaining some additional standard of eligibility. An example would be a four year scholarship where the student must maintain a certain GPA after the initial award period. 

Students on a renewable scholarship are rolled over when the scholarship is rolled over for a new cycle.  An administrator can determine eligibility. Students marked eligible are then included in the Award View screen with the project dollar amount of the award.  Awarding, notification and posting for these students follows the same process as new applicants from that point forward. 


  • Set scholarship as renewable and the maximum number of renewals configured in the [Scholarship] screen.
  • Renewals are initiated as part of the  Rollover process.


Plan > Scholarships

After a scholarship is rolled over to a new cycle it will be in a Draft status:

  • From the Draft tab click on pencil icon to edit the scholarship. 

If a scholarship is renewable and there are students from the prior cycle that have remaining renewals, an Awards tab will become present in the Edit Scholarships screen. 

Each student with available renewals will be listed with the next renewal listed (e.g. a Four Year scholarship has 3 renewals).  At this point, the students are defaulted to be included in the Award View screen along with new applicants for the cycle. The total Projected Amount is displayed for all students where the Renew selector is set to yes. The Remaining Budget tile is the amount on the scholarship that is available for new awards in the cycle. 

Determine Eligibility

Eligibility for the renewal can be determined by using the column selector and column filters to identify students. 

  • Click the column selector in the upper left hand corner of the grid. 

  • Select matching questions from the matching tab or SIS fields populated via CL Connect integration to display data for determining eligibility. 
  • Click on the Add button to add the column
  • Click Save to add then columns to the grid. 

  • Use column filters to identify students who should not have their awards renewed.
  • Click the Renew switch to "No". A removal confirmation screen will open:

  • Enter a reason for the removal
  • Click Confirm to save changes.  

Students with renewals will display in the Award View screen on the Awarding page where amounts can be updated based on scholarship requirements. Students marked with a "No" for renewal will be displayed in the Award View but with $0 for awards and an indicator that they were no long eligible.  Budget amounts automatically adjust. 


Troubleshooting and FAQs

  • Scholarship not available on Draft tab to access Renewal - Check Completed tab and rollover scholarship. 
  • Scholarship is not available on Completed tab to Rollover - Confirm that no awards for the scholarship are outstanding (Awarding>Notifications>In Progress) or not posted (Awarding>Post).
  • No Renewal tab available for a scholarship - Scholarship was either not identified as renewable (Check General tab of Scholarship) or no students from the prior scholarship have remaining renewals (check History tab of Scholarship)