The Applications page on the student side of ScholarshipUniverse allows the student to view applications that they have in progress or have submitted. The page is visible for students logged into ScholarshipUniverse.


Student must have created account, matched to scholarships, and completed or started an application for a scholarship for information to be populated on the Applications page.


ScholarshipUniverse > Applications

  • If the student has any scholarships they have started but have not completed, the scholarships are listed on the In Progress section
  • If the student has scholarships they have completed and submitted, the scholarships are listing on the Submitted section

Ready to Start and In Progress

The Ready to Start section is a list of institutional applications that a student can begin applying to. These are tied to institutional scholarships that the student has completely matched to and would find in the Scholarship matches tab. This view allows students to have a high level review of the applications available and choose where to begin (i.e. start with the application with the most matching scholarships tied to it). They can begin by clicking the Start Application button. Once started, an application will move over to the In Progress tab.

The In Progress section lists the applications started but not yet submitted. Students can continue their application by clicking the Continue button.

  • The student may click the Stats button to review statistics about the application/scholarship (not functional)
  • If the student wants to remove the scholarship application, they may click the Delete button. The scholarship is removed from the Applications screen but is visible on the Scholarships screen in the Matches
  • To view all scholarships the application applies to, the student may select the down arrow next to Applies To: Scholarships


Verify Eligibility Section

  • The student must review the information in the Verify Eligibility section
  • The student may edit the information they provided by selecting the Edit button
  • If everything is correct, to continue their application, the student must select the check box to verify all information is correct and that the student will provide any required documentation 
  • The student may click the Continue button

The next sections of the application vary based on the application being completed. After the student has completed all required sections of the application, the student is presented with the Review and Submit section of the application.

  • The student should review the information entered on the application
  • If everything looks correct, the student clicks the Submit button to finish their application and submit for review


The Submitted section lists the applications that the student has completed and submitted to be reviewed.

  • The student may click the Stats button to review statistics about the application/scholarship (not functional)
  • To view all scholarships the application applies to, the student may select the down arrow next to Applies To: Scholarships
  • To view their application, the student clicks the View Application button

The student clicks Back to return to the submitted applications screen

Editing Applications

Students have the ability to edit submitted applications in certain circumstances while a scholarship is still open. This allows any corrections to be made before the scholarship goes into review and awarding.

The following conditions must be met in order for a student to edit a submitted application:

  • All scholarships tied to that application submissions are either in Open, Published, or On Hold status. Once a scholarship has been moved to Ready to Review or Awarding status, the application can no longer be edited.
  • If any scholarship tied to the application submission is a scholarship where Application Method = Internal Application with Continuous Awarding and the student has already been promoted to receive an award, the application cannot be edited
  • Please Note: If a student chooses to reuse an application for additional scholarships without making any changes, the scholarships tied to the reused application will be bundled with the original as well. The reused application will only be treated separately if the student chooses to make adjustments to the new application.

To edit an application, a student must select View Application on the submitted application they wish to review. If the application is eligible to edit, the Edit button will be enabled to take action. If the button is disabled, one or more scholarships have reached a point where the application is no longer available to edit.

  • After the first submission of the Application, Documents that are attached to the Application are not editable.