Release Notes

Release of the scholarship import functionality, bulk roll over, updates to the scholarship builder page, and enhancements to the student side. Fixed issues with question search and pinned scholarships.


  • [SU-400] - Scholarship Import
    • Scholarships can now be created in a draft status and updated using a bulk import process. Admins can reach the File Import page from Plan > Scholarships using the Import button. For more information, please review this solution article: Under Construction - Available Soon!
  • [SU-420] - Bulk Rollover Screen
    • This management screen is now available to review all scholarships in a completed status and has the functionality of rolling over scholarships for a new award year and/or term in a bulk action. Rolling over a scholarship will create a new version that can be selected to be pushed into draft status or even publish from this screen, containing all of the information from the previous version. 
  • [SU-432] - Scholarship Builder Updates
    • Updates to the Scholarship Builder page, including the ability to create a cycle from the page, a type ahead search for existing cycles, and the ability to manually Complete, Archive, and Reopen scholarships, as determined by their current status.
  • [SU-452] - Scholarship History Page
    • New versions of scholarships created from the roll over process will contain a History tab that keeps historical information of each version of the scholarship. This includes which Award Year each version was associated to, the number of applicants, and the amount awarded. You also have the ability to view a read only copy of each version.
  • [SU-463] - SU Capture Email and Opt In to Phone SMS
    • For single sign on (SSO) clients, we've included an additional piece to the welcome page to capture the student's preferred email address to send communications and phone number to opt in to SMS communications.
  • [SU-433] - Student Feedback
    • Students now have the ability to deliver feedback on the application - revolving around categories such as problems with questions, problems with scholarship requirements, alerts of possible bad scholarships, notification of new scholarships to share with other students, and general feedback. This feedback is fed directly to the CampusLogic Researcher Team for evaluation. There is currently no plan of direct response back to students.


  • [SU-462] - Question Search for Scholarship Matching Pulling All Question Types
    • Fixed minor issue where the question search to add matching requirements to scholarships did not filter out document or text field questions, which cannot be used to match to scholarships. Correction now only allows integer, numeric, date, list, and Yes/No questions to be searchable and added.
  • [SU-454] - Error Message for Pinned Scholarships
    • Fixed issue where an error message was being displayed when a student clicked on a pinned (favorite) scholarship where the deadline had already passed.