The Thank You Approval screen provides a workflow for staff to review, edit and approve a thank you to a donor(s). When the thank you requirement is enabled for a scholarship the student will receive a notification and task on their dashboard to complete a thank. The student is guided through a wizard driven process using the template defined by the institution. The approval step is an additional configuration. 


See Scholarships article under Plan for information on setting scholarships to require Thank You's and to require a review step. 

See Thank You Letter Templates article for creating and managing templates. 

Post Awards

Award > Thank You Approval


  • Click on Thank You Approval tile.


Thank You Approval tabs:

  • Pending: Letters needing approval will be displayed on the Pending tab.
  • Approved: Letters that have been reviewed and approved or letters that did not require approval per the Scholarship's requirements.
  • Rejected: Letters that have been reviewed and rejected by the approver.
  • Cancelled: Letters that have been Rejected by the approver and then had the student's awards removed in the Pending Student Action tab.
  • Waived: Letters that have been waived in the Pending Student Action tab.

The thank you approval queue will display submitted thank you letters from students. The queue is by default first in/first out but filtering and sorting can be achieved on the grid. Letters needing approval will be displayed on the Pending tab. 

  • Click on the Award Year drop down to filter thank you records by awards for scholarships tied to the selected year
  • Click on the binocular icon to review and approve the letter. The thank you will open in preview mode. 

Header Information

Amount: Award amount

Donors: These donors will be used to prefill information and will be recipients of emailed thank you letters. If a fund has multiple donors, select the donors to receive the thank you. 

Status: Thank you letters are in Pending Approval, Rejected, Approved or Cancelled statuses

History: Click the View option to see an audit history of the submission and approval/rejection information. 

Deadline: This thank you deadline is set by the Award Manager during the notification process. 

Edit Content

If while reviewing the student's text, certain mistakes need to be corrected or omitted, click on the Previous button. This will open the Thank you editor. 

  • If your template has multiple sections the navigation bar on the left will allow for moving across sections. 
  • Edit text as appropriate and then click Continue through the wizard back to the Preview screen. 

Reject Thank You Back to Student

In cases where the changes required need to be completed by a student, click the Reject button. 

  • Enter instructions to the student and click Confirm. An email and/or text message will alert the student to log back into ScholarshipUniverse and make the updates. The document will then be returned to the queue. 
  • Click Confirm. 

Approve a Thank You 

  • Click Approve button to approve the Thank You. This will make the award available for posting.  If enabled this will email the Thank you to the selected Donors. 

  • Click Confirm

Print Thank You

Approved letters go to the approved tab and can be printed on appropriate stationery as desired. 

  • Click Print to open print dialog in your browser. 

Troubleshooting and FAQs

  • Why is an awarded student not displaying in the approval queue? - Confirm that scholarship is created with thank you and thank you approval required. Confirm that notification was sent to student and that student submitted a completed letter. 
  • Images or copy in the preview do not look correct or are not aligned - Return to the Thank You Template on the Plan page and correct the layout of the Thank you.