Release Notes

We are happy to announce we have begun deploying updates for the 2019-2020 award year! This release includes almost everything necessary to begin and work through the new award year, including ISIR processing, Federal and Dream comment code tasks, and rollover of the StudentForms global web forms.

Please note that some of major features are currently in progress and should be rolling out in the next couple of weeks.

Please see the attached New Aid Year Checklist for recommendations on preparing for the new aid year

Get Started on Testing 2019-2020

Your sandbox is ready to begin testing the 2019-2020 award year. To start, you will need to update your award year operational dates to set your 2019-2020 award year to currently operational.

  • As an Admin, navigate to Admin > School Settings > Award Year Dates
  • By default you should be viewing the 2019-2020 award year, but please ensure you are viewing the correct year
  • Update the┬áStart Date to today

  • Save your changes


  • [SV-2672] - Create the 19/20 Award Year and Build ISIR Processing
    • StudentForms has been enabled to take in and process 2019-2020 (Award Year 0) ISIRs and create transactions for the new Award Year.
  • [SV-2759] - 2019-2020 ISIR PDF Layout
    • The ISIR pdf is now available for all students with a 2019-2020 ISIR in the application. This layout is identical to the 2018-2019 ISIR pdf.
  • [SV-2762] - 2019-2020 Statement of Educational Purpose
    • The Statement of Educational Purpose is available for Verification transactions where a student selected for V4/V5 verification, or manually requested by your school. This form is nearly identical to the 2018-2019 form, with an additional feature where the Student ID in the signature panel now pre-populates the student's ID to ensure consistent IDs reported.
  • [SV-2784] - Rollover 2018-2019 PJ Special Circumstances
    • If your school is currently using out of the box global web forms for your appeals, the customized special circumstances used for 2018-2019 will be copied over and pre-populated for 2019-2020 to reduce configuration. If you wish to edit your circumstances, and Admin user will need to navigate to Admin > School Settings > Appeals to make adjustments.
  • [SV-2785] - 2019-2020 Independent & Dependent Verification Worksheet
    • Both the Independent and Dependent Verification Worksheets are available for the new year. Similar to the 2018-2019 version, there are a couple of customization options that can be used with these forms:
      • By default the Household section is only required if the student does not meet the household verification conditions, but it can be updated to always require the Household section to be completed.
      • By default when a dependent student reports that he/she did not file a transcript the letter of non-filing is not required, but it can be updated to always require the letter of non-filing for any student reporting to be a non-filer.
    • Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you wish to have either of these options changed.
  • [SV-2785] - 2019-2020 Qualifying Veteran Form
    • The Qualifying Veteran Form has been updated to generate sub-tasks to provide documentation of currently serving on active duty or DD-214 if claiming to be a veteran.
  • [SV-2786] - Update to Affidavit Form
    • The Affidavit web form used to help resolve citizenship codes has been updated to now generate upload tasks for the documentation selected on the form, rather than having students free type which documents they will provide on the form and then forcing to make the same selection at time of upload. This helps reduce the chance of a student indicating they will upload one type of document and then upload a different type.
  • [SV-2763] - 2019-2020 Tax Information Forms
    • The following forms have been rebuilt for the 2019-2020 award year: Independent Student Tax Information, Dependent Student Tax Information, and Parent Tax Information. These forms are generated for students/parents having the IRS DRT Request Flag = 06 and was not selected for verification, as a subsequent change no longer qualifies them to use the IRS DRT. These forms mimic the tax sections found on the verification worksheets.
  • [SV-2781] - Rollover Global Web Forms
    • The following forms have been rebuilt for the 2019-2020 award year: the Independent Asset Web Form, Dependent Asset Web Form, Dependent Untaxed Income and Benefits Form, Independent Untaxed Income and Benefits Form, Drug Eligibility Worksheet, Parents' Additional Financial Information Form, Student's Additional Financial Information Form, Parents' Untaxed Information Form, and Student's Untaxed Information Form. These forms are used for various circumstances and to help resolve conditional codes.
  • [SV-2785] - Update E-Sign Opt Out Instructions

    • We've made a slight enhancement to the verbiage used to instruct students on how to download and upload their documentation into the system, to reduce the confusion about mailing or bringing it to your office.
  • [SV-2765] - Update Exports to Handle New Award Year Code
    • We've enhanced our exports to handle the new award year code (0) representing the 2019-2020 year.
  • [SV-2802] - Additional Columns on Exports
    • The Appeals export now contains the column "Date Requested" to display on what date the appeal was created.
    • The Outstanding Student Documents export now contains the column "Date Added" to display on what date the document was added to the transaction (whether at time of transaction creation, subsequent ISIR trigger, or manual request.
  • [PM-211] Accepting Privacy Policy Via DSO Create Account
  • [PM-212] Gateway Accepting Privacy Policy Via SSO/DSO Login
  • [PM-233] - Profile Opting Out of Privacy Policy
    • In accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all users must accept CampusLogic's Privacy and Cookie Policy. For students creating a new account, they must accept the terms before their account can be created. For existing student, parent, and school users, everyone must accept the policy before being allowed into any of the CampusLogic applications. If a user later decides to Opt Out from the profile page, they will be immediately logged out and cannot access any CampusLogic application until they once again accept the policy.
  • [PM-201] PM File Type Data Field Definitions Interface
    • A new interface is found under Integration > Data Fields that will allow you to define the data for each file type imported into Platform Manager. This includes defining the field name found on the file, the display name used in the user interface, and the data type (string, number, object, or boolean)


  • [SV-2744] MYOB Verification Tasks with V Group Switch
    • Fixed issue for verification tasks not generating correctly for transactions where the mid year onboarding file indicated the verified transaction had a V1/V4 verification group and a subsequent ISIR came in with an update to V5.
  • [PM-232] School Users Session Time-Out
    • Fixed issue where the maximum user session time was defaulted to eight hours, despite what the configuration in Settings > Platform Settings was set to.