Release Notes

Release of minor bug fixes across the application.


  • [SU-457] - Errors When Using the Lookup List
    • Fixed issues with the list question type including the answer filter, issues with wrapping long values, and displaying the answer values in alphabetical order.
  • [SU-475] - SIS Data Showing As N/A
    • Fixed issue with SIS integration where empty values were displaying as N/A. If an empty value is found for a Numeric information fields, empty will now display "0". For Yes/No information fields, an empty value will display as "No".
  • [SU-456] - Deactivated/Lost Roles Cause Organization/Committee Errors
    • Fixed an issue where deactivating a user account or taking away the ScholarshipUniverse roles away from a user associated to an Organization and/or Committee would generate an error when trying to view that Organization/Committee's members. The Organization/Committee will now open without error and still show the deactivated user/user without SU roles.
  • [SU-487] - Cleanup AwardView
    • Fixed a minor issue where adjusting an awarded amount back to $0 was generating an error.