Release Notes

Release of the CampusLogic Privacy Policy, data field definition feature, and fix to maximum session time.


  • [PM-211] Accepting Privacy Policy Via DSO Create Account
  • [PM-212] Gateway Accepting Privacy Policy Via SSO/DSO Login
  • [PM-233] - Profile Opting Out of Privacy Policy
    • In accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all users must accept CampusLogic's Privacy and Cookie Policy. For students creating a new account, they must accept the terms before their account can be created. For existing student, parent, and school users, everyone must accept the policy before being allowed into any of the CampusLogic applications. If a user later decides to Opt Out from the profile page, they will be immediately logged out and cannot access any CampusLogic application until they once again accept the policy.
  • [PM-201] PM File Type Data Field Definitions Interface
    • A new interface is found under Integration > Data Fields that will allow you to define the data for each file type imported into Platform Manager. This includes defining the field name found on the file, the display name used in the user interface, and the data type (string, number, object, or boolean)


  • [PM-232] School Users Session Time-Out
    • Fixed issue where the maximum user session time was defaulted to eight hours, despite what the configuration in Settings > Platform Settings was set to.