Release Notes

Enhancements to the student accessibility.


  • [SV-2791] - Student Accessibility Fixes
    • We've enhanced StudentForms to have even better accessibility as part of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
      • Enhancements to login screen:

        • Added page landmarks

        • Form fields are correctly associated with labels

        • Form fields indicate that an element is required

        • Error handling properly - errors are associated with form field

        • Form error is read by screen reader

        • Added visual focus to the screen

      • Enhancements to main task page:

        • Added <h1> header to the page

        • Landmarks are properly assigned

        • Banner drop down allows dismissal using a keyboard only (e.g. - "Escape" key)

        • Tabs are labeled as navigation

        • Remaining tasks in tab is clearly labeled

        • Alt text has been added to the expand/collapse feature of each task to indicate whether the task is opened (v) or closed (>)
        • Action steps with "X" are indicated as "To-Do"; action steps with check mark are indicated as "Completed"

        • Action step hover over help is tab-able and has text appear on keyboard focus

        • "Fill Out" button is given the button role