The Historical Awards import is a special import process that will allow you to back fill awards to scholarships you are adding to the application. This import will allow you to add a record for a student, their amount for each term, and indicate how many renewals they have already had for this scholarship.

This is an onboarding process and due to the delicacy of the data, there are some preliminary steps that need to be taken before this file can be uploaded:

1. You must ensure that your scholarships have been created in the system, whether created manually or through the bulk scholarship import process (see Related Articles).

2. Verify that your drafted scholarships have all of the necessary information as if it was going live, including Terms, Total Amount, and the Matching Requirements.

  • it is especially important to make sure the Total Amount is the sum of all the awards given out for that scholarship

3. You will need to Publish your scholarships and close the cycles.

  • if you are using the same cycle for all of the onboarded scholarships, you can simply open the cycle used from Plan > Cycles and update the End Date to a past date, which will close out all of the scholarships
  • if you are using different cycle dates for your onboarding scholarships or sharing cycles with scholarships not going through this process, you may need to go through each scholarship and update the cycle to one with a previous date range to close out the scholarship

4. For any scholarship using an application, you will find in the Plan > Scholarship page, under the Review tab. You will need to open each scholarship and click on the "Start Awarding" or "Complete" button to move the scholarship over to either an Awarding or Completed status. You will want to push to Awarding status if a scholarship has a remaining budget to award and wish to continue awarding within the application.

5. For any scholarship not using an application, you will find in the Plan > Scholarships page, under the Awarding tab. You can optionally open each scholarship and click on the "Complete" button to move the scholarship over to Completed status. You will only want to do this if a scholarship has a remaining budget to award and wish to continue awarding within the application.

6. Please send your Historical Awards import file to your Customer Success Manager to begin the process.

7. Once the process has been completed, you may begin rolling over scholarships that will contain the historical and renewal information (see Related Articles).

User Import File Specifications

The bulk user import process uses a CSV vertical file with the following fields and requirements:

  • Scholarship
  • StudentId
  • Student First Name
  • Student Last Name
  • Student Email
  • Amount - the amount disbursed for the term listed
  • Renewal - the amount of times the student has already renewed their scholarship; it should not count the upcoming renewal process used in the application
  • Term

* All fields are required for each record.

This example below is for a student who received a separate disbursement for each term of the awarding year; this student has also already participated in their first renewal of the scholarship.

Please note the following requirements for the import file:

  • The user import file requires the headers given above for any situation, in the same format and in the order listed
  • If an existing Student ID is not found in the application, a student record will be created as a placeholder using the name given in the record
  • Else an existing Student ID is found in the application and will use the name registered to that ID, regardless of the name given in the file
  • Amounts need to be listed on a per term basis - the application will total all of the amounts awarded
    • i.e. If a student earns a $3,000 scholarship and is disbursed twice, each term would be $1,500 (or the equivalent to the two terms summing to $3,000); you would not list each term as $3,000, or the application will report a total of $6,000.
  • If a record that contains an Amount that exceeds the Total Amount reported for the scholarship will force an error
    • i.e. If the import file reports that a student had two disbursements for a scholarship, $750 each, but the Total Amount reported on the scholarship is $1,000, then the first record would process for $750 and the second record for $750 would fail due to the total amount going over $1,000. When reviewing the historical/renewal date of the scholarship once it has been rolled over, the awarded amount would display as $750 and the remaining budget would appear as $250.
  • The value of Renewals needs to be how many times the student has already been renewed for the scholarship and not include the upcoming renewal through the application.

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