Release Notes

Minor bug fixes.


  • [SV-2824] - IRS DRT 06 Not Re-Opening Verification Form in Processing Corrections/Verified Status
    • Fixed issue for the scenario where students selected for verification with an IRS Request Flag 02 at time of file review completion did not have the Verification worksheet reopened if a subsequent ISIR came in with the flag code updated to an 06. If the transaction was in Collecting or Reviewing Uploaded Documents/File status, the subsequent ISIR correctly triggered the form to be reopened for the student.
  • [SV-2839] - Dependent Verification Worksheet Requesting Spouse Information
    • Fixed issue where the Dependent Verification Worksheet required to school users to key in the Spouse's Income Earned from Work field during the document review process. This only appeared when the student selected that they were not a tax filer.