Release Notes

Updates to the Applications, SIS Field Mapping, and the Scholarship builder.


  • [SU-480] - Application Updates
    • Multiple enhancements made to the Application summary page, including the reorder of status tabs, adding the "Organization, Department" label on the summary screen, and fixing the search to only run against the current tab viewed.
    • Within the Application builder page, updated the default value of Days for Reuse to 365 days and ensured that Save will keep you in the application builder page rather than navigate back to the Application summary page.
    • Updated caching rules to automatically clear cache at time of saving an application so that the changes are immediately ready to view using the Application view function.
  • [SU-513] - Update to SIS Field Mapping Modal
    • Updated the SIS Field Mapping to allow a Do Not Display option for instances where you may want to bring in SIS data but not have it presented in the application review process. Fields mapped to this option can still be used to answer questions and pull in data on the Award View screen.
    • Updated the Question linking to only allow matching SIS fields to matching questions - cannot be linked to a document, text or address type questions.
  • [SU-458] - Scholarship Edits by Status
    • The Scholarship builder has been enhanced to only allow certain fields to be editable at certain statuses, which are different points of its timeline. Draft and Published scholarships will allow all fields to be editable. Archived scholarships will not allow any field to be editable at that time. Below is a chart of which fields can be edited at each status:


  • [SU-522] - Pinned and Not Interested Fix
    • Fixed issue on student side where a scholarship could not be pinned as a favorite or marked as uninterested by multiple students.