Institutions that do not utilize Single Sign-On (SSO), a process that automatically signs a student in by passing credentials from the school portal, can still allow students to create an account via Direct Sign-On (DSO), where students must enter their username and password at the login page each time they wish to access the application. This process must require the school to import a list of eligible students who can create an account. Students who have already created an account in StudentForms already have access to the site using the same credentials and do not need to be included in the import file.

Please review the Verified Student Data Import article for more information on how to setup the import file and begin importing verified students.

Please note that the School SIS Data Import can be used in place for the Verified Student Data file. This is preferred since the School SIS Data also takes advantage of the SIS Data Field Mapping to auto-answer question in ScholarshipUniverse.