Release Notes

Release of the Verification Placeholder Task, updated URLs for NSLDS and FAFSA, and minor bug fixes.


  • [SV-2805] - Verification Placeholder Task

Since the introduction of the federal regulation stating that household information is not required if an independent student or parents' household size and marital status correlate, the Verification Worksheet has had an option to require every student to complete the Household Section or only require it from those who do not meet the marital status and household size correlation. These conditions are referenced in GEN-17-05. There have been instances where students have been selected for Verification, have met the correlation to not require the Household Section, and also have an IRS Request Flag of 02 or 07, essentially not requiring the Verification Worksheet. This has lead to Verification Worksheets being generated without a Household Section or Student/Parent Tax Sections, as they weren't required for particular students. Many institutions opted to require the Household Section in order to provide a section for students in these circumstances to complete.

We've introduced a new placeholder task called "Selected for Verification" that instructs the student that they were selected for verification but do not need to provide household and tax information at this time. If the Verification transaction determines that a student is selected for verification but is not required to provide household or tax information, rather than generating the Verification Worksheet task the new placeholder task will populate and auto-submit itself, not requiring the student to take action. Students are still responsible to complete additional tasks if selected for V5 verification or have additional student actionable codes.

If a subsequent ISIR comes in at a future date and the student/parent marital status no longer correlates to the household size and/or the student/parent no longer has a IRS Request Flag 02 or 07 and must provide tax information, the transaction will re-open and generate the Verification Worksheet with the appropriate sections to complete.

If you currently require every student to complete the Household Section of the Verification Worksheet and would like to opt in to using the new placeholder task, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to help update your configuration. If you're currently requiring the Household Section from those who do not meet the marital status/family size correlation, this feature will automatically run this process for your students.


  • [SV-2843] - Bulk Action Timeout
    • Removed the timeout duration for the bulk action to allow longer processing time for large files.
  • [SV-2833] - Syncing Issues with IDs
    • Fixed an issue where updates to student ID in Platform Manager was not correctly updating the ID displayed on the student account page in StudentForms, leaving the ID entered by a school user before the student account was created. This is now properly working where an update in Platform Manager instantly displays on the account page and can be used in the student search.
  • [SV-2846] - New Award Year Reminders
    • Fixed an issue where the New Aid Year Reminder notifications were sending once a day, rather than following the configured amount of days from the "New Award Year Reminder Days Between" setting on the Communications page.
  • [SV-2803] - Logout Setting
    • Fixed the issue where the logout timer was logging a user out of their session without redirecting them back to the login page.