Release Notes

Release of DSO Support, updates to Scholarship tabs and Applicant Award modal, along with the Search Awards page, new health metrics charts on the school dashboard, updates to SIS field mapping, and minor fixes.


  • [SU-497] and [SU-532] - Direct Sign-On (DSO) Student Support
    • Direct-Sign On (DSO) is now supported for students. DSO schools are required to import a list of eligible Verified Students who can create an account into Platform Management. When a student creates their account, they will need to match to the identification fields given in the Verified Students file. Students who have already created an account in StudentForms already have access to the site using the same credentials and do not need to be included in the import file.
    • Learn more about DSO Support here.
  • [SU-502] - Scholarship Awards Tab
    • We've expanded upon what was formally known as the Renewal tab into a summarized Awards tab. This tab pulls in all students who qualify for evaluation for renewal as it did before, but also pulls in any student who is granted an award, whether as an Applicant or a Nominated student. A new feature is that a matching comparison is automatically run against all of the students on the page to indicate whether they currently match to scholarship's requirements or not, allowing you to determine whether a student should qualify for the award or not and make adjustments there. Admin users are also able to make adjustments to the award amounts from this tab as well.
  • [SU-508] - Scholarship Candidates Tab
    • We've also updated what was formally known as the Applicants tab into the summarized Candidates tab. This tab continues to pull in a list of all Applicants who have applied to the scholarship via an application, and now brings in any Renewal student who qualifies for evaluation for award renewal and any student granted an award through the Nomination process. You will continue to have the ability to review an Applicant's read only version of their application as soon as it's submitted.
  • [SU-468] - Application Volume Chart
    • The Application Volume Chart is now available on the school side dashboard page. This health metric is a visualization of the application volume for both your school scholarships and attempts of external scholarships. The count for internal scholarships is based on the number of scholarships an application was submitted for. The internal scholarships are organization and department based, so school users will only see the counts for orgs/depts they belong to. The external scholarship count is based on the number of clicks to Apply to an external scholarship. The count is by unique scholarship for each unique student, so if a student clicks to apply to the same external scholarship the count will not be inflated. All school users will see the same count for external scholarships, since they are not org/dept based.
  • [SU-469] - Review Tracking Chart
    • The Review Tracking Chart is also available on the school side dashboard page. This health metric is a visualization of the volume of application reviews for all open review pools, running against the most recent round of each pool. This chart breaks up the total application reviews by Complete Reviews (where an application was given it's recommendation or full score card completed), Outstanding Reviews (where an application has not yet been given a score), and Overdue Reviews (a subset of Outstanding Reviews where the review deadline has passed).
  • [SU-501] - Search Awards
    • The Search Awards page is now available to search and filter through any award record created. Admins, Award Managers, Award Post Managers have access from the Award landing page and can search by scholarships, award years, terms, status of the award record, the date the award record was created, and the date the award was posted.
  • [SU-499] - Update Award Applicant Modal
    • The Award Applicant modal has been updated to handle overrides of award amounts by an Admin user. While an award is still pending (i.e. has not been notified/offered to the student yet), an Award Manager has the ability to update the award amount. Once an award has been notified, it becomes locked from editing, including if it is revoked during the notification process or the student declines the award. Only an Admin user will now see the Override button located at the bottom left side of the modal. The Override button will open up any award record to edit for any scholarship that is currently in Awarding or Complete status; if a scholarship has been Archived, the Override button those award records are sealed from Admin edits.
    • The Award Applicant modal will also display an award record's status once it has been notified/offered. The status will be displayed to the right of each award.
  • [SU-544] - Updates to Question Mapping
    • We've updated the recent release of SIS Data field to question mapping to now include questions relating to country and state data fields.


  • [SU-515] - Title Cutoff For Students
    • Fixed an issue where longer student names in the header were pushing the search bar over the ScholarshipUniverse title.
  • [SU-514] and [SU-516] - Browser Issues
    • Fixed small random issues found in different browsers. Updated the imports and exports across the site to be compatible with Internet Explorer 11, Edge, and Firefox. Also fixed an issue for Internet Explorer 11 where adding multiple values for matching requirements forced the matching requirements modal to stretch off page without the ability to scroll.
  • [SU-519] - Decline Awards Need to Re-Allocate Back Into Scholarship Budget
    • Fixed an issue where a decline award by the student did not have the award amount correctly pushed back into the scholarship's remaining budget to be awarded to another student.