Release Notes

Release of the DSO Support and it's import file along with a minor fix to the SIS Data import files.


  • [SU-497] and [SU-532] - Direct Sign-On (DSO) Student Support
    • Direct-Sign On (DSO) is now supported for students. DSO schools are required to import a list of eligible Verified Students who can create an account into Platform Management. When a student creates their account, they will need to match to the identification fields given in the Verified Students file. Students who have already created an account in StudentForms already have access to the site using the same credentials and do not need to be included in the import file.
    • Learn more about DSO Support here.


  • [PM-242] - Data-File Import Not Trimming White Space
    • Fixed an issue where data file imports aren't trimming white/blank spaces from the .csv file. This information is now correctly interpreting the white space as null/blank, and if the field is used in ScholarshipUniverse will display the value as "N/A".