Release Notes

Release of the new subsequent ISIR process.


  • [SV-2798] - Subsequent ISIR Workflow Setup
  • [SV-2812] - Subsequent ISIR Workflow Queue
    • Institutions now have the ability to divert subsequent ISIRs with unexpected changes into a separate workflow when a student’s Verification and/or PJ EFC transactions are in a Verified status. This process stops additional file review records for subsequent ISIR changes from being mixed into the normal file review workflow that typically requires documentation review and validating any corrections that need to be created. The Subsequent ISIR Comparison tool is used to help determine whether you would like to take action on the transaction or not - you may choose to Reopen the transaction back to Reviewing File (like the process normally does when the subsequent ISIR queue is disabled) in order to collect more documentation or send new corrections, or you may Ignore the unexpected changes to push the transaction back to Verified status.

Please refer to this guide to review the subsequent ISIR workflow process, how to enable this feature, and guides on the Subsequent ISIR File Review workflow queue and the Subsequent ISIR Comparison tool.