Release Notes

Release of SIS Data Answer Mapping and the student's Award page, update to allow student's to see how they matched to scholarships, and minor bug fixes.


  • [SU-451] - SIS Data Answer Mapping
    • Recently we released the functionality to map SIS data fields to the matching questions used in ScholarshipUniverse in order to reduce the amount of questions a student needs to answer and ultimately begin matching them to scholarships before coming in. While numeric, yes/no, and date questions are easy to fill in the information, list questions are difficult to auto-answer for the student unless the data has an exact match to the values found in the question (e.g. ScholarshipUniverse academic level "Undergraduate - Freshman" vs. your SIS academic level "Freshman"). 


We've opened up the ability to map your SIS data values to the ScholarshipUniverse list values in order to allow your data to answer list questions that have different values, but same meanings. Admins have access to the SIS Field Mapping screen where they can map a matching question to a SIS data field. Now if a list type question is selected, a new tab called Answer Mapping will appear to allow you to map your values.

For more information, please review the ScholarshipUniverse SIS Field Mapping section of this article: SIS Integration Overview 

  • [SU-517] - Scholarship Awards Page
    • Students now have access to their Award page, which is divided by any Outstanding tasks requiring their attention before an award can be posted (awards needing Acceptance and/or Thank You Letters) and the Awards tab containing a history of all of their awarded scholarship and amounts. Awards are displayed to the student once they have been Posted from the school side.
  • [SU-534] - Student View Matching Requirements
    • We've updated the student side to now present how they match to scholarship requirements within the Scholarship View. For any matching requirement group attached to a scholarship, the student can see how they match overall to the group (Match, Partial, and Non-Match). Within the requirements group, the student can now view how they matched to each individual requirement. If they have a match, a requirement is shown as Match; if a question has not yet been answered, a value of "Not Answered" appears; if they don't have a match or answers "N/A" (not applicable), a requirement is shown as Non-Match.
    • A student must Match to at least one matching requirements group in order to qualify for a scholarship, meaning they Match to all of the requirements within that group. If a student has matched to some requirements, but not answered all of the questions, they may appear as a Partial match and do not yet qualify. If a student has answered at least one question that is a Non-Match, they automatically do not match to the requirement group.


  • [SU-515] - Searching/Add Organization Members
    • Fixed minor issues around searching and adding members to an Organization/Department. The type ahead filtering has been cleaned, only presents similar matches, and be able to search by both first and last name.
  • [SU-554] - Partial and Non-Match Scholarships Caching
    • Resolved an issue where changes to student answers was not updating the matching status for Partial and Non-Matching scholarships, forcing students to do a hard refresh to see the updated scholarships.
  • [SU-520] - Update Organization/Department and Donor Website Validation
    • We updated the validation behind the URL field used in the Organization/Department and Donor address books. The URL previously did not allow multiple dots in the URL (i.e., but now handles more than one dot.