Release Notes

Release of the auto-verify transaction functionality, update to the 2019-2020 Affidavit Form, adding 2017 tax documents through OCR, and minor bug fixes.


  • [SV-2858] - Auto-Verify Verification Transaction
    • On October 25, 2018, we released a new feature to create a verification placeholder task that will generate and auto-submit itself for scenarios where the student is selected for verification and does not have to provide household or tax information. Please refer to the release notes: Release Notes October 25, 2018
    • As an addition to this feature, we have now released additional logic to auto-verify the Verification transaction at the time of submission for instances where only the Selected for Verification task has been populated. This means that if a student is only selected for verification, does not not need to provide any household or tax information, and does not have any other student actionable tasks to complete, their transaction will skip file review since there is nothing to review and be moved to a transaction status called "Verified (Auto-Verified)". This will alleviate empty transactions from entering the file review workflow. If a school admin overrides the transaction to add additional information tasks, a subsequent ISIR comes in with a new actionable code for the student to complete, and/or a subsequent ISIR comes in with changed data requiring the student to complete verification, then the transaction will correctly move back to a ReCollecting status. Once in file review and verified, the complete status will reflect the normal "Verified" status. "Verified" will always represent a manual review was done by a school user, while "Verified (Auto-Verified) will always represent a student's transaction auto-completed for this scenario.
  • [SV-2860] - 19/20 Citizenship Option
    • The 2019-2020 Affidavit web form used to reconcile citizenship conditional codes now has additional options for students to select from.
      • The Type of Valid Photo ID drop down selection now includes "Other", which will require the student to type in the name of the photo ID document. This will also generate a sub task to upload the Valid Government Issued Photo ID.
      • The Citizenship and/or Immigration Document selection now includes the "Form I-797, Notice of Action" and a selection for "Other", which also requires the student to type in the name of the citizenship/immigration document. Selecting "Form I-797, Notice of Action" will generate a sub task to upload the form, while selecting "Other" will generate a sub task to upload the Citizenship and/or Immigration Document(s).
  • [SV-2859] - Add 2017 Tax Documents to OCR
    • The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processor for Federal IRS Tax Return Transcripts has been updated to run for the 2017 versions of the documents: Parents' 2017 Federal IRS Tax Return Transcript, Spouse's 2017 Federal IRS Tax Return Transcript, Student's 2017 Federal IRS Tax Return Transcript, Parent 2017 Federal IRS Tax Return Transcript, Parent 1-2017 Federal IRS Tax Return Transcript, Parent 22017 Federal IRS Tax Return Transcript, and Student and Spouse 2017 Federal IRS Tax Return Transcript. These will continue to read the 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ documents.


  • [SV-2849] - Household Form Rejecting Incorrectly
    • Fixed an issue where a correction to the Student's Number in College ISIR field was incorrectly reopening the transaction believing the matching value to be an unexpected value. The file could result in looping from Processing Corrections to Reviewing File. The correction should now see the subsequent ISIR correctly pushing the transaction to Verified status.
  • [SV-2857] - Bulk Action AY Format
    • Resolved an issue were incorrectly formatted award years in the Bulk Action import were not correctly displaying errors. Acceptable formats include (in reference to 2019-2020): 2019-2020, 2019/2020, 19-20, 19/20, 2020, and 0. Unacceptable formats include: 20192020 and 1920.
  • [SV-2722] - Unsubscribe Communications Link in Email
    • Resolved issue where the Unsubscribe hyperlink the communications email was not properly unflagging students/parents from receiving additional communications from the application.
  • [SV-2316] - Additional SSN Validation to Midyear Onboarding
    • Added enhanced validation to added padded 0's the beginning of social security numbers that do not have nine digits. This tends to happen when a midyear onboarding import is opened in Excel - Excel will remove any preceding 0's in front of any number. Saving after opening the file will remove those zeroes permanently, causing the social security number to no longer be nine digits. This enhancement will ensure the SSN always has nine digits. If a SSN field is completely blank, it will cause an error and will not fill the SSN with all 0's.
  • [SV-2849] - Dependent Family Contribution Appeal Output File
    • Fixed an issue where a label "Dependency Override Special Circumstances" appeared on the output file for the dependent version of the PJ Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Appeal Form. This did not appear on the student nor effect the independent version of the form.