Release Notes

Release of Award & Budget Chart, updates to custom questions, user interface enhancements on both the student and school side, and random bug fixes.


  • [SU-470] - Award & Budget Chart
    • We've added another health metric insight on the school dashboard page. The Award & Budget chart is a visualization of the amount of awards that have been distributed to students by cycle in the selected time frame. Any cycle deadline (and the scholarships associated to that cycle) that occurred in the selected time frame will appear on the chart and show a breakdown of the amount awarded for new applicants, renewal students, and a red indication of the gap of any award amount not yet distributed to your students.
  • [SU-553] - Question Elements Lock
    • When creating a new customized question, once the question is tied as a matching requirement to a scholarship it can no longer have some elements edited, most notably the Question Type (numeric, list, yes/no, etc.). This prevents scholarships from having matching requirements built, then causing an error because the Question Type has changed. Once the question has been answered by at least one student, then those elements are permanently locked. If a student has not answered the question and the question is no longer tied into a scholarship as a matching requirement, it can be edited.
    • A fun example is creating a custom question such as "Is your favorite color blue?" and setting it as a Yes/No question, but now you want to change it to "What is your favorite color?" and set it to a list of colors to choose from. If it's currently tied to a scholarship, you won't be able to edit it because the requirement can't go from a Yes/No to a list. The scholarship must be removed as a requirement, edited, and then re-added to the scholarship. If a student has already answered the question, it cannot be changed, as their answer of either Yes or No cannot be translated to a color and will cause an error.
  • [SU-561] - Scholarship History and Candidate Tab Clean Up
    • Minor tweaks have been made to the screens
      • History Tab
        • Remove the time from the Created column, just leaving date
        • Sorting by Created date, from newest to oldest
      • Candidate Tab
        • Push Student ID to the first column
        • Remove the time from the Created column, just leaving the date
        • Update nominated student to appear as "Manual Nominee" in the Candidate Type column
  • [SU-562] - Student Experience Polish
    • Minor tweaks have been made to on the student side
      • A new confirmation notification appears when a student submits an application
      • Added grid sort/filtering to their Questions grid
      • Updated the search scholarship page to be mobile friendly
      • Adjusted the recently released matching comparison on the Scholarship View page to have wider columns


  • [SU-572] - SU Showing Only First Element for SIS Array
    • Fixed an issue where object-type SIS data was only pulling the first element of an array. An example is if you wanted to list different types of loans the student has taken out for the award year and label each key as "Loan". Only the first "Loan" key and value would appear. This has been resolved and now shows all elements.
  • [SU-558] - Student ID Unable to Pull Student Info in Award Nomination Modal
    • Resolved an error where entering the student ID to nominate a student for an award created an error modal and would not allow nomination.
  • [SU-506] - Enforce Organization/Department Rights for Award Manager
    • Resolved a permissions issue where Award Managers bypassed their organization/department associations and were allowed to award/notify any student outside of their organizations/departments.
  • [SU-529] - CIP Categories Displayed in Scholarship Matching Groups in Draft Status
    • Fixed an issue where the CIP Majors appeared in scholarship matching groups while the scholarship was in a Draft status. This did not appear while adding majors to the matching groups, but coming back to the screen at a later time after saving. This only effected scholarships in Draft status and correctly showed the school's majors after being published.
  • [SU-573] - SU User Default Settings
    • Resolved an issue where entering a phone number upon account creation did not opt in students to SMS text messages.
  • [SU-563] - Document Composition Bug
    • Fixed a student facing issue that occurred when a student chooses to compose a new document, begins their composition, cancels from composing their letter, and then re-selecting to compose their letter. This specific set of steps prevented the student from saving their composition as a new document, forcing them to close the Add Document modal and re-open and start over. Replicating the steps no longer prevents from saving.