Release Notes

Release of the student profile page, student search results page, SIS-question filtering, scholarship award tab cleanup, and random bug fixes.


  • [SU-570] - Filter SIS-Matching Question Types
    • The SIS Field Mapping has been enhanced to only allow certain SIS data types to be linked to certain question types. Previously, any SIS data type could be linked to any question type, which can lead to errors with wrong data trying to answer wrong questions. Now the Map SIS Field modal used to configure SIS fields will only allow you to search and link to the following question types:
      • Boolean Data: Yes/No question type only
      • Numeric Data: Numeric and Integer question types
      • String Data: Yes/No, Numeric, Integer, Date and List question types
      • Date Data: Date question types only
      • Object Data: object data cannot be mapped to any question types
    • For more information about SIS data and matching to questions, please refer to this article.
  • [SU-545] - Student Search Page
    • You can now search students to navigate into their student profile page. The search bar located on the top banner near the profile drop down will allow you to search by students' first names, last names, first and last name, or student IDs. If an exact match is found, you will be directed to the student's profile page. Otherwise the search may bring back multiple or no results and you will be directed to the Student Search page. From there you can narrow your search by inputting information for first name, last name, student ID, ¬†email, and/or username. You can select to view a profile page using the View (binoculars) icon in the search results.
  • [SU-547] - Student Profile Page & [SU-548] Student Profile Matching Answers Tab
    • The student profile page is available to view student information. The student summary displays the student's total posted awards for their two most current award years, their lifetime posted awards, the number of applications they have submitted, and the total amount of scholarships they currently match to. The first release of the page is also broken into multiple tabs:
      • Action Required: This tab displays the student view of their Actions Required task list found on their dashboard page. While you can view all the tasks a student will see on their list, you cannot perform any actions on their behalf.
      • Matching Answers: This tab displays all of the questions the student (or SIS data) has answered. You can review the question, the current answer, and the date it was last answered. This too is also view only and you cannot make changes on the student's behalf.
  • [SU-560] - Award Tab Clean Up
    • Minor enhancements to the Scholarship Award tab:
      • more prominent visual indication that a student is marked as "No" for renewal
      • pop up modal to review reason why a student was declined for renewal
      • update student's name to now be a hyperlink to navigate to their student profile page


  • [SU-591] - Round Scores Not Averaging Across Users
    • Fixed an issue where average round score was not displaying correctly when reviewing a candidate through the Scholarship Candidates tab. The score is now averaging correctly. This issue only appear from this view and not in the review application page when reviewing.
  • [SU-590] - Student Name Not Included in Award View Export
    • Resolved an issue where the student's first and last name did not appear in the export file pulled from the Award View page. The student name column appear, but the values were left blank. All other columns and values were appearing correctly. The fix now ensures the student name appears as well.
  • [SU-592] - Review Carousel Scores Disappearing
    • Fixed a display issue where the review scores appeared to not save and disappeared when going backwards through the review carousel. While the carousel would not always load scores properly, the scores were being saved correctly and returning to the applicants review page generated the correct score. The review carousel is pulling in the displays when navigating back through previous scores.
  • [SU-583] - Dashboard Caching
    • Refactored code to help performance around the data displayed on the school dashboard page.