Release Notes

The Communication settings have now been moved over into PlatformManagement and issues have been resolved for IP reporting and a missing ISIR field in Full File Review.


  • [SV-2861] - Convert StudentForms Communications Over to PlatformManagement
    • As part of the process of consolidating universal settings and communications to be managed in Platform Management, the communications settings for StudentForms, including email and SMS text messaging notifications, has been moved over to PlatformManagement. The user interface of the communications page is a replica of how it looked and acted in StudentForms and no features were added or removed. If you click on the Communications tile located in StudentForms > Admin > School Settings, you will now be redirected to PlatformManagement > Settings > Platform Communications.


  • [SV-2898] - IP Reporting Fixes
    • Fixed some minor issues with the IP reporting, including:
      • Freezing when clicking on "More Info" to expand search results
      • Timeout issue where after 30 seconds the report would no longer process and no further results displayed. The timeout has been expanded to five minutes to resolve the issue.
      • The application attempts logout based on the school's activity setting, due to the user not actually leaving the page. Taking action now resets the timer to prevent logout.
      • Some entries appeared blank, which was caused by the More Info issue. This has also been resolved.
  • [SV-2903] - Current Social Security Number Missing from Full File Review
    • Resolved an issue where the ISIR field "Student's Current Social Security Number" was removed from Full File Review. This has been restored back in Full File Review to allow school users to make edits, if needed.