Release Notes

File Imports now handles bypassing duplicate SIS records and a fix to password reset navigation.


  • [SU-566] - SIS Duplicate Handling
    • The SIS Data import has been enhanced to quickly trace for duplicate records already loaded into the system and ignore them when importing a new file, significantly reducing the amount of time to process larger files with duplicate records. If at least one field in a record has been updated from the last student record imported, the system will process the new record to make the update.
    • The File Imports page located in PlatformManagement > Integration > File Import has been updated to now display a count of Duplicate records in a file and the newly Processed records. The grid also features a Cancel button to stop import processing and a Re-run feature to automatically re-process all records in a file already uploaded.┬áPlease note that re-running a file will ignore duplicate check and process all records within the file.


  • [PM-255] - Resetting Password Redirecting to StudentForms
    • Fixed an issue where using the password reset feature would then always redirect a user to the StudentForms login. Now the password reset screen will navigate to the PlatformManagement login screen, where the user can then select an application they have permission to.