Release Notes

Fixes to user reported issues.


  • [SU-633] - Edit Student Splash Page Copy
    • Updated the student's welcome screen to no longer refer to the vetted external scholarships, as it may imply that the school is responsible for vetting scholarships. The entire line was removed.


  • [SU-524] - Scholarship Deletion Update
    • Resolved the issue where the delete (trash can) icon on the Scholarship Drafts list was not properly deleting the drafted scholarship. For brand new scholarships, deleting now prompts a confirmation of deletion and will hard delete the scholarship when confirming. For rolled over scholarships, the deletion will delete the scholarship and reset the last version of the scholarship to allow rolling over again in the future, if needed.
  • [SU-625] - Applicant Review Loading Time
    • Refactored the Applicant Review page to enhance performance and decrease loading time when opening a large list of applicants to review.
  • [SU-525] - Thank You Template Edits Effecting Approved Thank You Letters
    • Fixed an issue where making edits to a thank you template caused already approved thank you letters submitted by students to be effected by the changes. Now when a thank you has been approved by the school, a copy is created that can no longer be effected by edits to the thank you template - instead, the saved edits will only effect thank you letters not already approved.
  • [SU-577] - Organization/Department Dropdown
    • Resolved issue where using the Organization/Department drop downs on several pages, but not selecting a value, would prompt an error modal. The error modal has been removed, and the change has not effected whether or not an org/dept is required.
  • [SU-603] - SIS Integration Screen Displaying Global Questions
    • Fixed an issue where the SIS field mapping modal and screen would always show the global (out of the box) question name, rather than the customized text edited by a school user. Both the modal and the screen correctly display customized text for a question.
  • [SU-635] - Unable to View Student Profile Without an Award Year
    • Fixed an issue where the student profile page may not load for schools that did not set up an Award Year in their environment. This was caused by the Awards tab referring to an award year when searching for student awards. This issue only effected schools only participating with external scholarships, as the award year is not needed for scholarships, applications, and awarding.
  • [SU-488] - Manual Scholarship Status Push Not Saving Edits
    • Resolved the issue where manually pushing a scholarship to the next status (i.e. Reviewing to Awarding, Awarding to Complete, Complete to Archive) was not saving any edits made to the scholarship when changing status. Previously it required the user to click Save to update edits before manually changing the status - the status change now saves edits as well.
  • [SU-618] - Delayed Loading Time for Questions Page
    • Refactored the students' Questions page to enforce performance and decrease loading time when opening a large list of answered matching questions.