Release Notes

An update to enhancement accessibility and a fix to a mid year onboarding issue.


  • [SV-2910] - Provide Valid Labels for Form Fields
    • Updates to ensure on-screen labels present are explicitly associated with form fields. This ensures that assistive technologies do not incorrectly render the label or provide no label at all to users.


  • [SV-2918] - Midyear Onboarding Transactions Generating IRS Tasks
    • Resolved an issue where students indicated as Verified through the Mid Year Onboarding process and create an account have certain tasks still generating for completion. If the student/parent has an IRS DRT Request Flag of 03, 06, or 07, a task was still generating to complete the Rollover Confirmation form (03), Tax Information form (06), and/or Amended Taxes task (07). If a student creates an account after the Mid Year Onboarding process and does not already have any subsequent ISIRs that would generate any other student actionable tasks, the aforementioned tasks will not populate when the account is created.