Release Notes

Release of the Documents tab in the student profile page, SIS data locking, UI updates to the Majors requirements, and minor bug fixes.


  • [SU-617] - Student Profile - Documents Tab
    • The Documents tab has been added to the student profile screen. This tab allows you to view the student's entire document library and each document within. As an Admin user, you have the ability to Add and Edit documents submitted by the student.
  • [SU-623] - SIS Locks Student Questions
    • One of the key advantages to mapping SIS data within ScholarshipUniverse is the ability to map SIS data to questions, which will answer (or update an answer) on behalf of the student. When selecting a matching question to tie SIS data to, you have the option to "Allow Student Override", meaning the student can update the answer given by the SIS data, or ensure the "SIS Lock", meaning the student cannot update the answer given by the SIS data.
      • If a question is set to "SIS Lock", the student does have the ability to answer and update the question up until the point that the SIS data is imported and overrides the student answer. At that point, the student can only view the answer, but not edit.
      • For any question set to "SIS Lock", the student will see a small lock in place of the edit button, indicating that they cannot change the answer. If the question is part of a container where another question is not locked, the student can access the question container, but the locked question is still read only and disabled from editing.
  • [SU-588] - Update Majors List as a Requirements
    • Previously, when adding a question using the Majors list table, such as "What is your current or intended major(s)?", the display of majors was based on the operator selected. If the operator used "Equal To" or "Not Equal To", because you can only select one major, the selection of majors was a straight list of all of your school majors. Else the operator used "All of These", "Any of These", or "None of These" and the majors were broken up by the master level of the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP), which forced users to select the master level to find their majors.
    • This update has changed the interface of the Majors selection. If the operator uses "Equal To" or "Not Equal To", the selection of majors remains the same and shows the entire list of majors. Now when the operator uses "All of These", "Any of These", or "None of These", you are presented an additional option to Search By the Majors List or by CIP. The selection is defaulted to Majors List, which displays the list of all of your school majors. You may choose to view by CIP, which uses the previous style to select a master CIP level to find your majors.


  • [SU-526] - Award View - Creating New SmartRank
    • Fixed an issue where selecting the option to create a new SmartRank from the AwardView page while another SmartRank was currently being used on the page was opening the modal to edit the SmartRank being used. Whether a SmartRank is currently being used or not, the add SmartRank feature will correctly open an empty SmartRank to create.
  • [SU-604] - Exports Ignoring Paging
    • Resolved an issue where exports on various pages were only exporting the currently viewed page of a grid, rather than the entire list. Exports are now correctly pulling all results from multiple pages, still honoring an filtering done to the grid.