Release Notes

Release of the Secure File Transfer page to securely transfer sensitive files between client and CampusLogic, along with a fix to the visibility of the Reset function for SSO schools.


  • [PM-258] - Secure File Transfer
    • PlatformManagement now includes a secure file transfer page to allow document sharing between your school and CampusLogic, rather than setting up an outside SSH File Transfer Protocal (SFTP). The Secure File Transfer page, located on the General navigation page, uses security authentication and document encryption infrastructure. Upon upload, you may also select to set an expiration date for the document, which will remove the document at the end of the selected day. You do have the ability to download documents from the page along with deleting documents.
    • Ideally this should be used to transfer data and documentation containing any sensitive information such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Examples of PII are students' names, social security numbers, and date of birth. An example of a file that should take advantage of the page's security and encryption is the Midyear Onboarding file used as part of the setup for StudentForms, since it contains student PII.


  • [SU-266] - Disable Password Reset for SSO Users
    • Resolved an issue where the Reset icon found in the Employee Management page was still visible for Single Sign-On environments. This allowed a school admin to "reset" an employee's password, which is actually controlled through the school portal, and lead to confusion. The Reset functionality is properly hidden for SSO environments, and issues with login credentials should continue to be resolved through the school portal.