Release Notes

This release includes configuration of tax documentation within the verification process, updates to tasks, and continued accessibility enhancements.


  • [SV-2919] - Updates to Verification Tax Options
    • Based on the changes to 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 Verification Requirements, your school will now have the ability to choose to accept tax returns within the verification process rather than traditional tax transcripts. When enabled, all text referring to Tax Return Transcripts is updated to reference Tax Returns. The upload steps are updated from Federal IRS Tax Return Transcript to Signed Federal IRS Form 1040.
    •  The Verification of Nonfiling Letter from the IRS may also be replaced with a new download/upload signed statement document. Based on our interpretation of the changes to 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 Verification Requirements, the student must first attempt to obtain a Verification of Nonfiling Letter from the IRS and be unable to obtain the Verification of Nonfiling Letter prior to the non-tax filer or extension filer providing the signed statement. This is the purpose of making the Documentation of Nonfiling tasks separate from the webform, to allow the student to choose to provide the Verification of Nonfiling Letter from the IRS or provide the Documentation of Nonfiling.
    • If you wish to utilize either or both of the different tax document requirements, please contact your CSM to adjust the settings on your behalf.

  • [SV-2872] - 2019-2020 Amended Tax Tasks Label Update to Tax Aid Year
    • The following amended taxes tasks have had the task name updated to reflect the tax aid year rather than the award year to reduce any confusion to the tax upload.
      • updated "2019-2020 Parents' Amended Taxes" to "2017 Parents' Amended Taxes"
      • updated "2019-2020 Student's (and/or Spouse) Amended Taxes" to "2017 Student's (and/or Spouse) Amended Taxes"
      • updated "2019-2020 Student’s Amended Taxes" to "2017 Student’s Amended Taxes"
  • [SV-2924] - Update to Cal DREAM ISIR Comment Codes
    • For 2019-2020 the California DREAM ISIR changed the comment text for comment code 020 to a C Code for Selective Service, this is a change from the matching C Code task on the 2019-2020 Federal ISIR regarding Pell Overpayment. An update was released for the Cal DREAM ISIR to provide the appropriate task for 2019-2020. This change applies to students who create an account, log into their account for 2019-2020 for the first time or have a subsequent ISIR for 2019-2020 loaded after the deployment. Due to the change in task, if a subsequent ISIR is received, the students on the list provided may re-open for the student to complete the Selective Service Task. You may also want to review to ensure that you have the appropriate documentation to clear the 2019-2020 C Code 020 for California DREAM ISIRs.
  • [SV-2940] - Ensure Custom Controls Are Keyboard Accessible
    • Updating our accessibility across the site to ensure custom controls provide equivalent keyboard access for all mouse actions for keyboard only users and users of assistive technology.