Release Notes

Release of scholarship sort and filtering on both the student and school side, updates to the student profile screen, new communications, and a variety of bug fixes.


  • [SU-640] - Student Scholarship Sort and Filtering
    • Students now have the ability to both filter and sort their scholarships on the Scholarships list page. Filtering includes the ability to display internal school scholarships only, external scholarships only, or all scholarships. By default, all scholarships will display. The sorting feature allows students to sort by upcoming due dates, highest to lowest scholarship amounts, and lowest to highest scholarship amounts. By default, the list will sort by due date.
  • [SU-631] - School Side Scholarship Sort and Filtering
    • School users now have the ability to both filter and sort their scholarships. Across all scholarships for any status, users may filter by scholarship name, organizations, cycle, application, open date and deadline dates (exact date or within a date range), and application method. The filter functionality is managed by the Filter button next to the Import and Add buttons. Please note that the scholarship search bar has been relocated into the Filter modal.
    • At the list level, users can sort by alphabetical order, by start date, or by end date. For each option, user may select to display in ascending or descending order.
  • [SU-608] - Student Profile Communications
    • The Communications tab has been added to the student's profile page. Within this tab is a history of all communications sent to the student, separated by email and SMS text messages records. The history includes the date of communication, type (Email or SMS), the event (which contains the type of template sent and to which email address/phone number), and the ability to view the communication.
  • [SU-638] - Enable Awarding from Student Profile
    • When viewing a student's awards from the student profile page, admin users now have the ability to override awards amounts. This feature only allows admins to update already posted awards for a student, not create new awards. An adjustment to an amount will then be ready to post to your information system.
  • [SU-595] - New Communication from Nightly Trigger
    • Two new communication templates are now available:
      • Letter of Recommendation Request Expired - this email communication is triggered at the time a requested letter of recommendation has hit its expiration date and is sent to the student. This notification is used to alert students that the letter of recommendation can no longer be submitted by the recommender and encourages the student to go back into the application and request another letter. The expiration date is determined by either the student's deadline set at the time of the original request, or the school's expiration setting, which ever of the two is longer.
      • Reviews Completed - this email communication is triggered at the end of the day when all reviews have been completed for a review pool. The email notification is sent to the original user that created the review pool, and the last user to modify the pool, if applicable. This notification is used to alert review managers and admins to take action on a review pool that is ready to push forward to the awarding process, or possibly ready to start a new round of review. 


  • [SU-664] - Award View Pool Error
    • Fixed an issue where a significant amount of scholarships tied to a review pool (or No Pools if bypassing the review process) caused the Manage Scholarships modal to timeout when loading. This issue only appeared when a pool had nearly 100 scholarships or more tied to the same pool. Pools with a large amount of scholarships no longer time out and cause the error to appear.
  • [SU-679] - Historical Award Import Creating Awards Without Names
    • Resolved an issue where the nominee record created by the historical import process was displaying in the scholarships candidates and awards tabs without a name. The issue was caused by the lack of user accounts for the particular student, but has been fixed to no longer require a student account with the same student ID. The nominee record will now correctly display the name.
  • [SU-678] - Auto-Match Function Timing Out
    • Resolved an issue where the auto-match processing timed out and left the scholarship in the state without finishing the process. This was due to scholarships with many requirements having to match against an extremely large population of students. The timeout limitations have been removed to prevent the time out issue from occurring again.