Release Notes

Updates to the reset password page logic, document import validation, and a fix to the parent verify email page.


  • [PM-270] - Updates to Reset Password Page
    • The Reset Password page has been enhanced to now provide a warning at the time of opening, for situations where the password reset token has expired or the token has already been used. Previously the page provided the New Password/Verify New Password fields, allow the user to try to submit, then provide the error message. Now the page detects the situation beforehand and hides the New Password/Verify New Password fields and provide the warning message if the reset token has expired or the token has already been used.
  • [PM-273] - File Upload Validation
    • The Secure File Transfer page and the File Imports page have been upgraded to included stricter validation around the file formats accepted.
      • File Import supports csv files and plain text files only
      • Secure File Transfer supports csv, image (jpeg, png, tiff), pdf, or plain text files only


  • [SU-279] - Parent Verify Email Page
    • Resolved an issue where the Parent Verify Email page would redirect the parent user to the school SSO login page when the verify email token had expired. This only effected SSO schools. Now whether the link has expired or is still active, when a parent navigates to the PM page, the "Continue to Site" button will correctly take parent user to the DSO login page.