Release Notes

Continuing enhancements to accessibility across the student side, a fix to the Mid-Year On-Boarding process, and a fix for lifetime documents.


  • [SV-2942] - Ensure All Active Elements Receive Keyboard Focus
    • Ensuring on the student side that when an element is interactive, the element must also be focus-able via the keyboard or a shortcut provided to activate the element, which allows people who cannot use a mouse or other pointing device to utilize the element. Examples include the Account Creation page, where "Username requirements", "Password requirements" and "Why do I have to provide this?" links previously did not receive keyboard focus and now do.
  • [SV-2944] - Ensure That Keyboard Focus Remains Within Modal Dialog
    • Ensuring that when a modal dialog is open, keyboard focus remains within the dialog. This prevents confusion caused by the visual and programmatic focus no longer in the dialog and the user is able to interact with inactive elements. Examples include the Terms and Conditions modal loaded at the time of e-signing a web form for the first time (or opting back in to using e-signature), where the modal previously did not carry the keyboard focus.
  • [SV-2943] - Ensure CSS Background Images Convey Textual and Visible Equivalents
    • Ensuring that CSS background images have contextual meaning for users who cannot see the image. Example, your school logo found throughout the site previously did not have the contextual meaning, but now screen readers will identify and call out the image as "school logo".


  • [SV-2983] - MYOB Last Name Not Matching Correctly
    • Resolved an issue where Mid-Year On-Boarding (MYOB) records where the student's last name did not match their FAFSA created an error. This occurred in cases where the student's last name was changed after filing the FAFSA. The issue has been resolved and a student can still be tied to their ISIR using the first name, date of birth and social security number.
  • [SV-2994] - Lifetime Documents Appearing as Stuck
    • Fixed an issue where a lifetime document between award years would get disconnected from one another. This occurred in the gap of time between when a student submitted a lifetime document for one award year and it being approved by the school. During this time, the student had the ability to add/delete pages in the other award year transaction. This caused the lifetime documents to split, and cause the lifetime document for the second year to become stuck - it could not be viewed or take action on. This fix now prevents a lifetime document from being edited once it has been submitted for one award year - if a student wishes to edit the document, they must un-submit the document for the award year they already submitted for. If the school approves the document, there is no reason for the student to edit the lifetime document and it will remain locked from editing.