Release Notes

A massive update of communication features within the application.


  • [AL-883] - Expand AwardLetter Communication Template Capabilities
    • The AwardLetter application capabilities have been expanded to now allow separate emails and SMS text messages on a per Template basis. This allows you to have a custom email body, header, sender display name (i.e. Office of Financial Aid), and sender address (i.e. for each template. Separate templates can also utilize their own SMS text messages to be sent out to students who have a valid phone number provided. If you wish to make updates to your template communications, please contact your Custom Success Manager.
  • [AL-910] - Shift AwardLetter Settings to PlatformManagement
    • Specific settings once isolated to only the CampusLogic development team have been opened for school use within PlatformManagement. These new controls include features such as control of enabling/disabling SMS text messages, the length of time template links in emails are active, and default email sender names and addresses. For a complete list of functionality, please review the Communication and Application Settings article.
  • [AL-1000] - Test Mode SMS Text Messages
    • Test Mode now features the ability to simulate text messages as they are sent to students along with test emails. A new Phone Number field has been added to the Test Mode page and will send a text message to the valid phone number entered for each record in the file. Please be aware that you must ensure Enable SMS feature is turned on (please see Communication and Application Settings article). It is highly recommended that you only load a file with a few records in Test Mode when testing SMS text messages - a text message will be sent for every record in the file.