Release Notes

This release includes an update to the secondary confirmation warning and fixes for Internet Explorer, household form logic, and the Transaction Submission Email.


  • [SV-2947] - Secondary Confirmation Warning Update
    • The message found on the File Review page that warns users of the secondary confirmation process has been updated to the following: "A document is tied to a problem with citizenship that requires secondary confirmation by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service. You can utilize the DHS-SAVE process to verify. If the USCIS does not contact you within 15 days, you may use this document to determine if you would like to continue and award the student."


  • [SV-3003] - Internet Explorer Fixes
    • Fixed a couple issues exclusive to the Internet Explorer browser:
      • No longer receiving an error when opening a record in the Subsequent ISIR Workflow, either through the Get Next action or by manually selecting a record manually
      • No longer receiving an error when downloading a copy of the "Export Students Not Found" csv, which is generated if at least one student from a Bulk Import is found by their student ID or social security number
  • [SV-3006] - Household Form and Subsequent ISIR Logic
    • Fixed an issue where a change in parent marital status may cause the Verification transaction incorrectly rejected the Dependent Verification Worksheet back to the student. This only involved change from "Married/Remarried" to "Unmarried but living together" or vice versa, along with certain conditions.
  • [SV-3012] - Transaction Submission Email Being Sent When No Tasks Have Been Assigned
    • Resolved an issue where requesting a document found in the Other Documents transaction causes the Transaction Submission Email to be sent to the student. This rare occurrence happened if there was a delay in adding a document to the transaction and the system saw that there were no tasks added yet - it assumed the transaction was completed. This occurrence will no longer happen.