Release Notes

This release includes an enhancement to allow bulk notification actions, configure question break frequency, and updates to the student side user experience. It also includes a bug fix for apply to pinned scholarships and a processing timeout for large award pools.


  • [SU-661] - Notification Page Waiving
    • The Notification page has been updated to include the ability to take bulk action on award records in progress, meaning a student is needing to accept and/or write a thank you to the donor. The options include waiving the requirement to accept the award, waiving the requirement to write the thank you, waiving the requirement for both the acceptance and the thank you, or bulk removal (meaning the award is being cancelled). This can all be done on the Notification page, under the In Progress tab.
  • [SU-512] - Allow Configuration of Frequency of Breaks in Matching Questions
    • Admin users now have the ability to control the frequency of how often students are given the option to continue answering questions or view matching scholarships. This control is found in Admin > Basic Settings, as a field called Match Question Break Frequency. By default it is set to 10. The number represents how many PAGES a student will complete before hitting the break point, not how many Questions they've answered, for cases where a page has a container with multiple questions.
  • [SU-674] - Student Side Polish
    • The following items have been updated on the student side for better usability:
      • When viewing a scholarship, the "Return to Scholarship" navigation will return the student to the grid page where they were before, rather than resetting back to the beginning
      • Scholarship search bar on the top banner has been improved to adjust for spacing against the name, and is clarified for searching scholarships by calling it "Search Scholarships..."
      • In the search results, the scholarship tile will display the Apply/Continue Application button for those they match to
      • The dashboard dollar amounts now consistently contain commas and not display cents
      • Tools tips on the Scholarships page have been added to the Internal and External scholarships to explain the meaning of the icon    


  • [SU-696] - Students Can't Apply to Scholarships on Pinned Tab
    • Fixed an issue where viewing a scholarship from the Pinned tab caused an error when clicking on Apply/Continue Application. This only occurred from the View Scholarship page when entering from the Pinned tab, not from the tile or anywhere from the Matches tab.
  • [SU-685] - Award View Pool Error
    • Fixed an issue where selecting a review pool in the Award View that contained many scholarships with a significant amount of candidates caused a timeout when processing. This occurred in instances where the pool contained 25,000+ candidates to pull. The process has been enhanced to be more efficient and quicker.