Release Notes

This release includes a new role for external scholarship only schools, enhancements to the auto-match process, and bug fixes.


  • [SU-666] - External ScholarshipUniverse School User
    • A new role has been created to support school users in environments where their school is only implementing external scholarship search for their students. The External ScholarshipUniverse School User is now available, which gives limited access to the site, including:
      • Access to the Dashboard and the Application Volume graph to evaluate count of applies to external scholarships
      • Ability to search students
      • Ability to view student profile, with access to Action Required, Matching Answers, Scholarships, and Documents tab
  • [SU-711] - Increase Performance to the SU Auto-Match Process
    • The Auto-Match functionality has been given significant performance improvements to speed up its process.


  • [SU-695] - SSO Verified Student Records
    • Resolved an issue where Single Sign-On (SSO) schools importing SIS data were requiring to provide the date of birth and/or email of their students in order to create the verified student record, which is a shell record until the student logs into their account for the first time. The SSO environments were mimicking the Direct Sign-On (DSO) environment, where one or the other data fields is required to help verify a student registering an account.
    • SSO environments require the following fields in order to create a verified student record: awardyear, studentID, firstname, lastname
    • DSO environments continue to require the following fields: awardyear, studentID, firstname, lastname, and (dob OR email)
  • [SU-714] - Not Interested Icon Bug
    • Fixed an issue on the student side where the Not Interested button found on the scholarship tiles would cause an error if clicking on it from scholarships in the Partial Matches or Non-Matches list. This no longer causes an error and correctly places the scholarship in the Not Interested list.