Release Notes

This release includes the ability to move scholarships back into awarding status, allowing multiple versions of a scholarship to be awarded at the same time. This also includes a bug fix to the scholarship Awards tab.


  • [SU-665] - Allow Scholarships to Move Back to Awarding Status
    • Scholarships can now be manually pushed back into both Complete and Award status, whether the scholarship has already been rolled over to a new version or not. This allows you to simultaneously award the same scholarship over multiple cycles. The most common use case of this feature is when a scholarship has been rolled over to a new version for a new cycle, but adjustments to awards are needed to be made in the previously completed version, or new awards need to be added in cases where additional funding may be available.
    • At any point while a scholarship is in Complete or Archive status an Admin user can adjust an award amount by overriding the award while viewing the Awards tab within the scholarship. In order to add new awards to a Completed/Archive scholarship, you will need to manually update the status to Award by clicking on the Awarding button found in the scholarship General tab, where you can then award a new student (and/or adjust the Total Amount to add any additional funding).
      • If a scholarship is in Archive status, on the General tab click on the "Reopen" button, setting the scholarship to Complete status. Then the "Awarding" button becomes available to set to Awarding status.


  • [SU-721] - Awards Tab Enhancement
    • Fixed an issue when viewing the tab on a No Application - Direct Award scholarship that has not yet had any students promoted/nominated to being awarded. Without any students on the tab, the application was calculating the matching requirements for all candidates - without nominations, it caused an error. The tab no longer tries to calculate matching requirements when no students are found on the tab.