Release Notes

The CampusLogic Video Content Gallery has been released, along with an enhancement to the SIS import.


  • [PM-285] - CampusLogic Video Gallery
    • CampusLogic has begun to release student financial success videos in order to help support students education themselves across different topics relating to the financial aid and student loan process. The first gallery of 24 videos established for AwardLetter templates are now found within PlatformManagement and allows you to view them in their entirety. The video content gallery can be access by Admin users by navigating into PlatformManagement > General > Video Content. If your school is currently using the AwardLetter application, you will have access to the AwardLetter tab, where the first videos are available to watch. If you're interested in applying any of these videos to any of your AwardLetter templates, please contact your Customer Success Manager.
  • [PM-287] - Handle Errors for Numbers with Leading Zeros
    • SIS Imports currently do not support values with a leading zero (i.e. 00027 credits earned). Previously when a record was found containing a value with leading zeros, the entire file failed. Now the import process will error only the record containing a leading zero, and continue to process the rest of the file. The record with the error will now have a message "Invalid format for field {{ your field name }}".