Release Notes

This release includes the enhancements to SmartRank, communications updates, persisting scholarship filters, and minor bug fixes.


SmartRank Enhancements

  • The SmartRank feature in the Award View has multiple enhancements added onto it. You can now include List, Text, and Date questions as part of your preference criteria, along with Date and String SIS data fields. Giving a value to a preferred answer creates a comparative scale of answers to one another. The most important value should have the highest value.
    • For example, your SmartRank criteria is based on the question "What is your favorite color?" and you want to give a high preference to those who selected Red and a secondary preference to those who selected Blue. If you gave Red a value of 100 and Blue a value of 50, your scale would be from 0-100 (0 for all the other colors you are not giving preference to). If the weight in this example is 20%, here is an example of the SmartRank score for this particular criteria.

AnswerValueScore x Weight = SmartRank Score
Red100(100/100) x 20% = 20
Blue50(50/100) x 20% = 10
All Other Colors (not given a score)0(0/100) x 20% = 0

  • The SmartRank feature has also been carried over to the Scholarship Builder page, where you can now access it from the Candidates and Awards tabs. The will allow you rank your preferences for different scenarios:
    • If your scholarship has an application, you may want to run a SmartRank on your applicants on the Candidates tab and filter on any students who do not meet your preferences. You can then remove their application from consideration before creating a Review Pool.
    • If your scholarship is a Direct Award, you may want to run a SmartRank on your auto-match students on the Candidates tab and filter on student you wish to award. You can then use the new Award Promote feature to add nominees to be awarded, which you can access on the Awards tab.

  • [SU-682] - Communications Updates
    • This is the release of the second half of the Communications history located in the Student Profile. All application triggered emails and SMS communications are captured in the Communication tab, where you can view which notifications have been sent out and view them.
    • All ScholarshipUniverse communications are currently active. Previously some communications not built out were visible, causing confusion as to what was active or not. Everything you see under PlatformManagement > Settings > Platform Communications is ready for use. As new communications are rolled out, they will become visible under the ScholarshipUniverse tab.
  • [SU-700] - Maintain Filters On the Scholarships Page
    • Enhanced the filtering on the school's Scholarships page to persist throughout the entire session, so that users do not have to keep reapplying any filters used. As you begin to apply filters, a counter will appear on the Filter button - if you come back to the scholarship page and notice scholarships are missing, make sure you check your Filter!


  • [SU-726] - Error Opening Application With a Scholarship Past Deadline
    • Fixed an issue where students were getting an error opening an application tied to a scholarship that already passed its deadline. Opening an application no longer incorrectly checks previously open scholarships and does not trigger the error, allowing students to open and complete an application.
  • [SU-723] - Exported Columns
    • Resolved an issue where exporting the Award View, Candidates tab, or Awards tab grid to excel did not capture all of the results. This was due to special logic added to allow List, Text, Date, and Strings to be used as part of SmartRank. The export correctly pulls all of the records found.