Release Notes


  • [SU-687] - Auto-Match in Student Profiles

New option under Student Profile>Scholarships for selecting direct award. Student is then evaluated against open direct award scholarships and results are presented. Student can then be awarded from the profile screen. 

  • [SU-698] - Reviewer Notification Link Not Routing Appropriately

Link in the reviewer notification now routes users to their review workflow page directly instead of Review page making it easier for reviewers to navigate. 

  • [SU-710] - Status History Log

Audit trail added for record status changes. Will be displayed in UI in an upcoming release. 

  • [SU-713] - Display Direct Awards While Processing Auto-Matching

Direct award scholarships will display on the active tab while auto-match is running. Processing indicator will be displayed in an upcoming release. 

  • [SU-730] - SmartRank Numeric/Integer Calculation Cleanup

Correct calculation issues for numeric/integer fields. 

  • [SU-738] - SmartRank Calculation Slowness

Performance tuning for running SmartRank when evaluating large datasets. 


  • [SU-701] - Question Search Not Enforcing + Rules
  • [SU-724] - Application Review Timeout
  • [SU-745] - Manual Nominee's in Awards tab are receiving a Smart Rank score