Release Notes

Minor patch to add an insert image function to the communication toolbar and a special character fix for usernames.


  • [PM-271] - Insert Image Location Function Added to Communications Templates
    • Previously in order to add any images, such as a school logo, to the communication templates, the hosted URL needed to be inserted via the html code interface. Because of the sensitivity and limited understanding of the code, we've added an insert image function in the normal toolbar. This will pop up a modal in order to easily enter the URL of the hosted image. The next step is the ability to import an image that will be stored within PlatformManagement as a secondary option to requiring a URL.


  • [PM-288] - Profile Update Error When Using Special Characters
    • Fixed an issue where editing a school user's username would cause an error if using special characters such as an underscore or hyphen/dash. These characters can now be used successfully when editing.