Release Notes

An accessibility enhancement along with an update to Date of Birth corrections.


  • [SV-3020] - Avoid Placing Inactive Elements in Focus Order
    • As part of the ongoing enhancements to accessibility across the site, this update ensures that non-interactive elements (those that do not trigger an action) such as labels, headings, etc., are not in the keyboard focus order. This prevents assistive technology from getting the impression that a non-interactive element will take some sort of action and cause keyboard users to have to use extra keystrokes to navigate.


  • [SV-2938] - Update ISIR Processing Logic for Change in DOB
    • Resolved an issue where making a correction to the Student's Date of Birth ISIR field during the file review process was causing the subsequent ISIR to create a new student record because the date of birth did not match the original ISIR. When making a correction to the Student's Date of Birth, if the subsequent ISIR's value matches what is expected from file review, then the ISIR will correctly merge to the existing student record and update the date of birth. If the subsequent ISIR does have the matching expected value for date of birth, or the date of birth field changes at any other point (i.e. the student updates their FAFSA while the transaction is collecting documents), the subsequent ISIR will continue to be treated as a new student record.